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Syun-kan Flowlighter's Obscurite Magie: The City of Sin Releases on Denpasoft

A bounty hunter tracks down her precious dagger in Syun-kan Flowlighter's RPG Maker game, Obscurite Magie: The City of Sin, now available on Denpasoft.

Previously published on Steam by Kagura Games, Obscurite Magie: The City of Sin has since made its way onto Denpasoft. The RPG's story follows Louise Farren, a redheaded bounty hunter who brandishes a dagger as her weapon of choice. When her dagger, an heirloom passed down from her father, is stolen by thieves, Louise does everything in her power to get it back. Louise’s search leads her to Ruedidalia, a town known for harboring some of the most dangerous criminals in the land. During her search, the head of the Ruediidalia knights, Milyusha, asked her to handle some of the bounties in town. Though these bounties could bring Louise one step closer to retrieving her dagger, as much as they might lead her into even greater danger.

Obscurite Magie has multiple features, such as multiple difficulties to play through and a leveling system. Whether you want a challenge or just want to see everything in the game quickly, choose the difficulty that suits you best. Immerse yourself in the game’s original soundtrack as you fight in classic turn-based battles.

Louise Farren

The bounty hunter in search of her father’s prized dagger.


A mysterious informant that came to Ruedidalia. She aids Louise by providing her information she gathers along the way.


The Head of the knights of Ruedidalia. She seeks Louise’s assistance in finding and eliminating a bounty target.

You can buy Obscurite Magie: The City of Sin on Denpasoft for $19.99.

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