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A young dowsing expert helps people find lost treasures in Atelier Choice’s Lelie Navigation! an adventure RPG now available on Steam and Kagura Games.

Lelie Navigation! is an upbeat RPG adventure game developed by Atelier Choice and published by Kagura Games. It follows the adventures of the clumsy, but cheerful Lelie as she travels the world with her dear friend, the self-proclaimed sorceress, Ciel. Lelie’s power allows her to locate items using dowsing techniques, which she harnesses to help people find the things they’ve lost.

For many years, Lelie only used this power to help out those in her hometown. Those days eventually are put behind her after her master finally allows her to leave and begin her adventures in the world at large. Not long after, Lelie and Ciel meet a mysterious young woman who asks them for help, but her quest proves to be more than the two bargained for. On top of that, Lelie’s empty-headed disposition often lands her in compromising sexual scenarios, as strangers and monsters alike make attempts to exploit her naivety.

Lelie Navigation! features a turn-based combat system, a "hot and cold"-styled dowsing mini-game, a leveling system, multiple playable party members, and 50 base CGs to discover. While adventuring with Lelie and her companions, the player has to also take care of their emotions, as the girls’ moods will affect their fighting strength.

The sun rises on a humble village tucked away in the trees, and only one thing is on Lelie’s mind: sleep! Well that, and the fact that her master has returned! The day has finally come for her to take the next step in her dowsing career, and she’s nothing but optimistic for the future. Together with her dear friend Ciel, a self-proclaimed sorceress extraordinaire with a biting wit, the two stand ready to use their well-honed skills for the good of others. That is, if Lelie can keep her head on straight long enough to do so!

A whole host of shenanigans and clients, both savory and less so, will test not only the girls’ abilities and teamwork, but their personal views, beliefs, and relationships. Especially when a mysterious young woman and her unique plight push them to their very limits. Will Lelie lose herself? Or will she find something more than her dowsing ever could?

Lelie Navigation! is now available on Steam and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $13.49 until the 10th of December, at which point it will cost $14.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a free patch available on the publisher’s website.

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