Keeping things informal as well as infernal

A blue-haired hero fulfills his destiny with his two companions in Hero Zex, an RPG by ななっしー, now available on Steam.

Hero Zex is an RPG Maker game developed by ななっしー and published by WASABI Entertainment, where a prophesized hero fights against a demon lord. In a world overrun by demons, the titular protagonist, Zex, was a prisoner who only just escaped his captors. During his escape, he encounters a girl under attack by demons and decides to help her. Soon after, the girl introduces herself as Eve, believing Zex to be the chosen hero from a prophecy that speaks of a blue-haired hero who will defeat the demon lord. Zex believes her to be mistaken, but nevertheless, the two of them embark on a journey together with the intent of slaying the demon lord.

The game's dungeons are designed like a game board, with squares laid out that represent different events and where everything is decided by dice. Squares can correspond to traps, battles, merchants, H-scenes, and more, with the game featuring up to forty event scenes. Find the best route through the dungeon and experience as many of the events as you can. Additionally, Zex’s two companions, Eve and Aruna, have a variety of different outfits to wear. You can choose what they wear in battles.



The main character.

hates troublesome things, loves to gamble. Likes girls.

Uses "Demon Dice" to attack

▼Heroine ①:"Eve"

Daughter of a noble family? An airhead girl。

Mistakes "Zex" with the hero and travels with him.

Priest. Can use healing spells.

▼Heroine ②:"Aruna"

Is attacked by demons while resting in the forrest.

Is helped by "Zex" and become allies.

"Dual Blade user" Can use consecutive attacks.

You can buy Hero Zex on Steam for the discounted price of $11.99. After December 10th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price, $14.99. An 18+ patch is also available for download through WASABI Entertainment’s site.

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