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Fight the enemy and date your commanders in Pasture Soft’s strategic battlefield sim, Sirberia Front has been released on DLsite.

Sirberia Front takes place just three years after the largest modern war began. You play as a commander of the UN army sent to the front of Iraq to fight against the Sidra organization. Sidra has defeated many countries with Berlin, the previous headquarters of the UN, being one of the most devastating losses. While they may be losing, the UN army refuses to surrender. They have set up fronts at HQs in Northern Europe and Africa and they are ready to fight for their own ideals and justice.

You can choose to either be sent to Northern Europe or Africa. The girls you can date will change based on this choice. After you unlock the Sidra Episode, you will be able to play on the side of Sidra, where you can destroy the world and torture the female UN commanders.

In battle, you will organize your armies and choose which commander to fight alongside you. Each commander has their own stats and skills. Some can buff units that they specialize in and others can call for an air raid or bombard random enemy units. You have a small amount of money to start with, so purchase your units carefully. Once a unit is defeated in battle, it is gone for good. Additionally, you'll be able to purchase multiples of units if you have the funds. To win, you must reach the enemy HQ or destroy enough units that the enemy surrenders and retreats.

* Story

Alexander Calendar 837

3 years after the largest war ever began, I'm appointed to be a commander of UN army, sent to the front of Iraq. The evil organization, Sidra, subverted the world in only 3 years. Many countries have fallen. Berlin, the old headquarter of UN, was taken, too.

Our flame of hope hasn't gone. We, UN army, fighting for ideal and justice of human beings, have set up new fronts again in Northern Europe and Africa. It's time to fight back now.

You can purchase Sirberia Front on DLsite for ¥1,980, which is approximately $17.51 USD. A demo version of the game is also available if you wish to try it out before buying. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

If you don’t wish to buy Sirberia Front specifically from DLsite, the game will also see a Steam release on December 20th.

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