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Simulation RPG Revenge of Gladiator Girl Now Available on DLsite

A gladiator seeks vengeance for her husband by defeating the arena champion in shorthairsimp’s Revenge of Gladiator Girl, a simulation RPG now available on DLsite.

Revenge of Gladiator Girl is a fantasy RPG following the tale of Wildy, a common housewife. The heroine used to live peacefully with her husband, but they’ve been short on money. In a desperate attempt to pull in a good earning wage, Wildy’s husband became a gladiator. Tragically, after only a scant three months, he was slain by the arena's current champion, the Golden Giant.

This tragedy broke Wildy, who promptly swore to take revenge. Taking her late husband’s blade and studying his combat manuals, she soon blossomed into a legitimate warrior in her own right. Prepared and determined, she marched towards the arena to make a name for herself.

Wildy’s ultimate goal is to kill the Golden Giant, currently the most renowned fighter at the arena. To earn the right to face the champion himself, you'll first have to guide Wildy through a series of battles against monsters and other gladiators. The game's fights make use the familiar active time battle system, in which each combatant’s action bar fills in real time, allowing characters to act when it fills completely. Time never stops flowing, forcing the player to make quick decision and granting them little breathing room in the game's combat encounters.

On her turns, Wildy can use an assortment of skills and spells, as well as relying strictly on the strength of her weapon. New abilities and items can be acquired at combat schools in the downtime between matches. The gold and arena points needed to purchase them are awarded for winning subsequent fights, with the player able to pick their next opponent. At the same time, Wildy isn’t the only one with grudges against gladiators. Should she choose to help others take their revenge on certain combatants, she may be rewarded with unique items in addition to arena points.

Should she run short of money, Wildy can prostitute herself at the town inn, like many female gladiators before her. Some of the townsfolk will also make their own lecherous requests for various reasons, adding to the variety of erotic scenarios present in the game. In total, there are 17 CG sets to discover.

Revenge of Gladiator Girl is now available on DLsite for $1.95 (estimated from ¥220). A demo of the game is available on the store page.

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