Clean up for the next guy

InterLEWDCreations’ strip blackjack game with anime girls, Bedroom Blackjack is now available in early access on Steam.

The story in Bedroom Blackjack is short and simple: you, the protagonist, meet a girl on the beach, named Clara, who invites you back to her place to play some blackjack. When the two of you begin to play, she introduces you to the world of strip blackjack, after which you decide to delve deeper into the blackjack underground and play against even more cute girls. You have the choice to play strip blackjack, where you can get your opponent to strip off her clothing, or classic casino blackjack, where you play to earn money. Each girl will have her own dialogue and campaign to experience, during which you can unlock new characters, outfits, and locations.

The game's developer, InterLEWDCreations, estimates that the game will be in early access for six months and will increase the price once the title is fully released on Steam. They're currently planning to add difficulty levels and purchasable poses and outfits that you can buy using in-game currency. The game's lowest difficulty will have dealers that are easy to beat, where the player holding a losing hand, will result in your opponent putting her clothes back on. The hardest difficulty will have dealers that are more skilled; when you have a bad hand, you'll be the one taking your clothes off. Voice acting, a complete soundtrack, and more stripping animations are also planned for the future.

Here are the features currently in the game:

- Play Strip Blackjack and undress sexy anime girls

- Play classic Casino Blackjack for money with sexy anime girls

- Unlockable Characters

- Unlockable Outfits

- Unlockable Bedrooms

- Uncensored Nudity

- Boob Physics

- Character Dialogue

You can buy Bedroom Blackjack on Steam for $4.99.

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