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Unite a team of voice actors to stop a lecherous evil in Voice Camp, a dating sim currently in development by Blue Tomato and published by Shady Corner Games.

Voice Camp is a romantic comedy game currently being developed by Blue Tomato. In the current version of the game, the player assumes the role of Ame After Dark, a voice actress practicing in a camp created specifically for voice actors. One night during practice, the heroine is contacted by a scientist from the future, who sends her a worrying message: In two weeks, voice actors at the camp will be possessed by some maniacal evil power, who will then seduce every person on the planet, turning humanity into a mass of mindless drones.

The future of this scientist, a man known as Professor Catappa, has already been lost; however, Ame can still spare her timeline of such a fate. All she has to do is round up a group of voice actors and use their powers to stop the evil once it arrives. To that end, she'll have to employ the voice battles system: a turn-based flirting technique that makes it easy to get others on your side. All the professor can do to help her battle is send a training AI back to the past. The rest lies firmly in Ame’s hands.

The latest demo of Voice Camp features only the introduction to the story and a tutorial fight, showcasing the voice battle system. Each character that takes part in the fight is given defining characteristics, such as “nerd” or “goth”. Each turn, the player rolls for a random pick-up line with qualities that strengthen its effectiveness against certain types of opponents. The player can re-roll their pick-up line up to three times, with the goal being to find one that will arouse their opponent the most. Once the target is sufficiently excited enough, it’s possible to try recruiting them, with higher arousal yielding a higher success rate. The challenge is a balancing act, however, as too high an arousal can lead the opponent to orgasm, at which point they will no longer be interested in the discussion.

In the full game, the player will instead take control of a nameless protagonist, who will have to seduce nine voice actresses to stop the impending doom. The heroines have been named after the actress voicing them, including Ame After Dark, Belladonna Sin, Cottontail, Endymion, Ivy Wilde, Lady Elise, Midnight Datura, Mizz Peachy, and Pixie Willow. There's even a chance you'll recognize each of them for their work on other projects in the adult industry. Aside from the voice battles, the full game will also feature other mini-games, such as giving gifts to actresses or connecting pipes in a logic puzzle.

You can check out the demo of Voice Camp on, where you can also pre-order the game. If you’d like to keep track of development and would like to access additional content such as a monthly podcast or blooper reels, you can support Blue Tomato on Patreon.

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