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Romance Visual Novel Icing Now Available on Steam

Enjoy daily life with a competitive wife in Hachimitsu Soft’s Icing, a slice-of-life romance visual novel now available on Steam.

Icing is a slice-of-life visual novel about the romance shared between a prissier and his loving wife, Akiho Takasaki. The two of them share a life full of love and passion not just for each other, but also for their craft of making pastry.

Aside from being loyal and supportive, Akiho is also a highly competitive woman. She continually strives to be the best and doesn’t plan to pass up the number one spot, not even for her husband. While the two work together in tandem, they also rival each other, putting all their energy into improving their pastry-making skills. What's more, Akiho’s competitive spirit extends past her passion for pastry as well. She desires to be number one in everything she cares for, including the art of love-making.

Icing features a lovey-dovey story centered around the protagonists’ daily lives, allowing you to see how they support each other and playfully compete in their hobbies. The linear story contains multiple choices, which give Akiho room to express different sides of her personality by reacting to your decisions. There's a total of nine erotic scenes to experience in Icing, with Akiho being voiced by Hanazawa Sakura.

Akiho Takasaki

Height: 159cm Blood type: O type

Affiliation: patissiere

Favorite things: Her husband, sweets, fashion-conscious

Dislikes: All things bitter

Hobbies: diligent study, game (But I hate gambling)

Strengths: honesty, cheerful

Weaknesses: The part that is too reckless.

Alcohol Tolerance: I can drink a little. (I like Kahlua and stuff.)

She is a young apprentice pastry chef who shares the same dream as the main character.

She is an active daughter-in-law who hates to lose and tries to take everything as a victory, and her husband is her beloved and biggest rival.

At work, she is a hard-working woman who works hard to achieve the same dream, and she takes everything very seriously, but at home, she is devoted to her husband.

In a sense, he has a good sense of on/off, but when it comes to "doing something," he does his best, no matter what, and sometimes he gets blind-sided and messes up.

I believe in "doing the housework together" because we are a couple rather than sharing it. ...... is a pretense, but really I just want to do the same thing with my husband.

She loves to share thoughts and things, and uses a pair of cups.

Icing is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $22.49 until December 10th, at which point it will cost $24.99.

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