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A continuation of Ninetail’s SRPG franchise, VenusBlood HOLLOW has come to JAST USA.

The next addition to the VenusBlood series, VenusBlood HOLLOW has made it to the West thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign run by the developer Ninetail. A long time ago, Helvetica was once a holy land under the protection of the goddess Elnath. When the demons came, they brought a brutal war upon the land and defeated the goddess. Darkness reigned supreme and all humans are ruled over by the four demonic queens, The Dark Lords. Any human they considered useless would have their soul taken to create Tactica, a crystalline material used to make weapons and fuel.

Word has spread that Karvia, Empress of the Demon Empire, intends to take over all of Helvetia. This rumor caused the other three Dark Lords to declare war against the Empire. Even though she is surrounded, Karvia is confident she will succeed. Unbeknownst to the three Dark Lords, she organized the “Black Arme Vapula,” a secret task force led by the war hero Leonhardt Arknoah.

There are a few new features added to VenusBlood HOLLOW. The Battalion Battle System, or Triple Squad Battles, allows you to create three squads, each with six units. Any type of unit can be added to a squad. Should one feel like doing so, you can create a squad solely made up of commander or common units. You can improve your units with better equipment and give them titles, which, in turn, can teach them new skills. Command your units to fight based on your orders or preset tactics. The decision of where your squads are positioned on the map is also up to you. Place them in choke points that will strengthen your defense, or areas that are great for offensive action to help you gain an upper hand on the enemy.

Gameplay Features

Internal Administration

Internal administration is an important part of waging war as well! Your internal administration parameters influence your generation of food, magic, Anima (required to recruit units) and gold, as well as the effectiveness of your military and medicine. Logistics are important in a war, too!

Awakening System

You can choose to "awaken" a captured Dark Lord to make them loyal to you and your cause. Once a Dark Lord is fully awakened, both their outward appearance and personality will change. Will you leave the captured Dark Lords the way they are? Or will you break their will to awaken their new potential?

Multiple Endings

Depending on the decisions you make throughout the game, how the story progresses will change. Do you seek chaos and evil, or justice and nobility? Choose wisely, for they will influence the ending you get. Both the Law and Chaos routes have unique endings, as well as sub-endings! Will you agree with Sylvia’s method and seek a more peaceful means of revolutionizing the Empire? Or will you give in to your desires and take a darker path of destruction to fulfill your ambitions...

Difficulty Modes & Replayability

Multiple difficulty settings offer a wide range of gameplay options. For those who want to skip the gameplay and just enjoy the story, use the easy mode's "Win Skip" function to skip battles or even entire maps altogether. Hardcore fans, use the New Game Plus mode that allows you to carry over progress from your previous run and challenge the newly unlocked higher difficulty levels for a more challenging experience! In fact, if story isn't really your thing, there is also a battle royale mode available after clearing the game that cuts all story content!

You can purchase VenusBlood HOLLOW on JAST USA for $44.99.

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