Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Solve problems of the townspeople in brendor’s Yu Crossing Animals, a free adventure game published by Shady Corner Games on Steam.

Yu Crossing Animals is an adventure game in which Yu, a furry heroine, joins a small community of a quaint forest town. Her new job is to be the mayor’s assistant, who in turn asks her to go out into the town and see if the villagers need help with anything. The mayor’s hope is that by directly aiding others, Yu will quickly become acquainted with the townsfolk and their way of living. As it turns out, people of the village tend to forge very intimate relationships between themselves, which Yu quickly grows accustomed to.

Throughout the game’s short playtime, you will have the opportunity to resolve small issues by playing a rhythmic minigame, as well as collecting and combining items to meet the townsfolk’s needs. In her first few days at the town, Yu will grow close with a genius mechanic and her robotic invention, a shy demon, and an unusual snail girl.

Yu Crossing Animals has been available for some time now on, where it was developed by brendor until it reached version 1.2. The new Steam release, made with the help of Shady Corner Games, improves the game with general polish, achievements, and the addition of voice acting for the heroine.

Yu's got a new job - working as a mayor's assistant in a small town.

Her task is to meet everyone and help the furry inhabitants with their everyday problems.

She quickly discovers that in this town, people have a very special way of making friends...

This is a short, linear erotic adventure game where you can explore a small town.

It contains a mini-game and you can visit houses and talk to people. Collect, use and combine items in order to

fulfill their needs and unlock new interactions.

There are 6 different lewd scenes (plus a bonus pool scene) and 2 hidden sketches to discover.


-Steam Achievements

-Full voice work for Yu by @DornVa

-New Branding

-Still FREE!

You can find Yu Crossing Animals for free on Steam and

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