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Studio781 Is Developing Interactive Visual Novel Broken & Loved

Help a shy girl with low self-esteem come out of her shell in the monochromatic visual novel, Broken & Loved.

Broken & Loved is a visual novel where you try to befriend and date a lonely girl. At the beginning, you are given the opportunity to change your name and gender. If you don’t change the name, it will default to Rei. You can choose to be male, female, or nonbinary — with a different avatar for Rei depending on what you pick. The dialogue and CGs will be slightly changed as well.

Rei is an albino photography student who lives alone in an off campus apartment. They never had any intention to fall in love, that is, until the clumsy Evangeline stumbled into their life. After falling for her, Rei wants to know more about Evangeline: her interests, favorite foods, what her personal life is like, etc. As you communicate with her, she opens up and gains self-esteem. Eventually Rei’s relationship with Evangeline will become more intimate on an emotional and physical level.

Throughout the game, you will follow your daily routine of going to school and choosing your next activities. There are six options: you can go to the game store, park, and grocery store, talk to Evangeline, study, or go straight home. If you go to the three locations, you may encounter mini-events or see Evangeline off campus.

During these opportunities you can improve your relationship with her. In the morning, Rei will mention things they should do or places they need to go. This is an indication that an event may happen there. Going home will skip the entire day. When you talk to Evangeline, you can speak with her about multiple topics. While same topics will show up each day, she will have more to say about it as time passes. When your relationship improves, you can be more affectionate to her, like hold her hand, hug her, or give headpats.

Spend time with Evangeline, talk with her using different dialogue options, be part of cute events that sometimes deal with every day occurrences and other times with problems, have small interactions with her that improve her self-esteem and see how she opens more to you every day.

With the time you can become more intimate with her, not only emotionally, also physically..


- Non linear story.

- Dialogue trees.

- Traits that change the main character dialogues.

- Completely interactive erotic scenes.

- Uncensored head-pats, hugs and hand-holding.

Broken & Loved is available in both English and Spanish. The current public build of the game can be found and downloaded from Patreon Post or F95 ZONE. If you enjoy it, consider funding the game’s development on Studio781’s Patreon.

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