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Help an inmate weave through obstacles to escape in Romantic Room’s SEX Prison, a sidescrolling puzzle game now available on Steam.

SEX Prison is a puzzle game about an inmate trying to escape from an abusive prison. The game consists of 30 levels in which the player has to help the heroine navigate her way towards the exit. Unlike most 2D platformers, the player doesn’t get to control the protagonist, who instead runs forward at a constant speed, turning around if she comes across an obstacle. As she moves through the level on her own, it’s the player’s job to activate props within the environment to help her make it through safely. Interactive elements include moving platforms, bridges, doorways, switches, and even traps that can be used to eliminate enemies.

Progressing through stages of the game unlocks access to new chapters of the story, revealing the heroine’s past, as well as those of two other inmates and one of the wardens. Due to the nature of the prison, all four heroines will end up being abused by their staff. SEX Prison includes depictions of rape, lesbian sex, and bondage, with all scenes fully animated using Live2D.

SEX Prison [18+] is a casual game with original puzzle mechanics based on runners.

Alongside it, this game features a fascinating storyline in the unique setting of Prison.

To experience the whole journey with our Prisoner girls girls you have to win a variety of levels by finding the escape of levels.

Instead of controlling the character outright, you have to interact with the environment to move through the levels.

Unlock the doors, avoid traps, and destroy your enemies before they do you damage.

Game Features:

- Unique game puzzle mechanic based on runner mechanic

- Indirect control. Try to navigate character by environmental elements.

- 30 Levels to complete.

- All our characters move with Live2D animations! You will be able to interact with them all.

- Dive deep into our Prisoner girls' personalities & go through the story together with them.

SEX Prison is now available on Steam for $6.99.

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