If it's a hole, it's a goal.

A woman is imprisoned and forced into prostitution while looking for a way to escape in Natsuki’s Life in Prison, a visual novel now available on Steam.

Natsuki’s Life in Prison was developed by Banana King and Kanoe, with publishing handled by PlayMeow Games and Lewd Fermosa. The visual novel's plot focuses on Natsuki, a young woman looking for work to pay for her sick brother’s medical expenses. Misfortune soon strikes as she's abducted and forced into prostitution, being locked inside a dark room and forced to have sex with multiple men. Boss, one of the people involved with her imprisonment, tells her that she'll be set free if she can manage to earn one million dollars.

Woeful as she felt towards her own set of circumstances, Natsuki was furious at the people who put her in this situation. If she were able to scrounge up evidence of their crimes and get closer to a person of power, she might even be able to destroy the organization imprisoning her; if she could escape through those means, she would even be reunited with her brother. Can Natsuki find a way to escape this drug and sex-filled hell?

The game progresses day by day, with two parts to the gameplay: imprisonment and exploration. While Natsuki is imprisoned in a basement, she's forced to have sex with clients during the day; at night, she is drugged and raped. Her status depicts three different gauges: collapse, health, and drug. You can perform different actions that have an impact on these gauges, such as having Natsuki observe her surroundings, reflect on her situation, call for help, have sex, or change her clothes. There is a limit on how many actions you can do before the second part of the game begins.

In the exploration sections, Natsuki is able to communicate with four characters: Mayumi, Toriyama, Ryuma, and the boss. She will be called upon to serve one of them, during which you can search their room for information about the underground organization. Learn ways to sell her body and please the boss while enduring the drugs running through her body. When she finds the crucial evidence needed to eliminate the organization, Natsuki can fight to take back her freedom.

◆Game Features

◇Game CG: 24, Including 300 different illustrated variants

◇Game script: 100,000+ Words.

◇Game Ending: 5 Endings

You can buy Natsuki’s Life in Prison on Steam for $12.99.

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