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The third installment of Winged Cloud’s yuri adventure visual novel series, Sakura Forest Girls 3, has released and is now available on Steam.

Sakura Forest Girls 3 is the latest entry in Winged Cloud’s fantasy adventure visual novel series. Once again, the story focuses on the two lead heroines, Yaya and Aiyana. Three years ago, the girls’ village was invaded by slimy creatures. While they managed to survive, their best friend Koko disappeared during the attack. Shaken by their loss, the two girls decided to search for her someday. Once the two came of age, they decided to fulfill that promise and left the village in search of Koko. Following their two previous, demanding adventures, the pair finally managed to find her.

As it turns out, Koko is in good health. Following the events of her past, she began a new life at a different village and grew attached to the people there. So much so, in fact, that she actually has no intentions of returning with Yaya and Aiyana. Instead, she chooses to continue living with her new partner, the fast-talking merchant, Mika.

The bittersweet reunion isn’t the only thing on the girls’ mind, though, as they've discovered the culprit behind the slime monster’s attack. Furthermore, they’ve learned that the creatures are preparing to launch invasions further out into the forest. To save other innocent villages, the girls prepare to chase down their enemy and stop them once and for all.

Yaya is the main character of the story. Trained as a hunter by her parents, she’s skilled with a spear, and has fast reflexes.

Yaya is generally cheerful, and has an easygoing outlook on life. She’s fiercely protective of Aiyana, however, and can become uncharacteristically grumpy when she perceives that her friend is being threatened.

She doesn’t get along particularly well with Maia, and the two are always butting heads.

Aiyana is a quiet, anxious girl who has difficulties speaking her mind and expressing her true feelings. Though raised by a family of shamans, Aiyana believes herself to be devoid of magical power.

She has no faith in her own abilities, and constantly belittles herself, to Yaya’s chagrin. She wants nothing more than for Aiyana to be more self-confident, but her support seems to have little effect.

Maia is a wily witch who never talks about her real age, nor her past. She’s maddeningly vague when it comes to sharing her own personal details, but she’s gifted at unearthing other people’s secrets, then using them to her advantage.

Maia loves nothing more than cute girls, and she flirts with almost any attractive woman she meets. This causes friction between herself and Yaya, who doesn’t appreciate Maia’s constant advances.

Maia might be a handful, but her magical abilities are nothing to sneeze at, and she’s a very useful ally.

Koko is Yaya and Aiyana’s childhood friend. She’s a kind, considerate girl who cares a good deal for her friends, and she’s sensitive about the feelings of others.

Koko is gifted at cooking and cleaning, but she’s similarly skilled with a bow and arrow. Gentle though she is, she has no hesitation when it comes to hunting, and her skills might even rival those of Yaya’s.

She has something of a stubborn streak despite her sweet face, and she used to act as amother figure to Yaya, chastising her whenever she made a nuisance of herself.

Mika is a traveling merchant who roams the land selling her wares. Talkative and cheery, she’s rarely seen without a wide smile upon her face, and nothing seems to perturb her.

Mika is in a dedicated relationship with Koko, whom she dotes upon. She often calls Koko silly pet names, such as ‘my little cocoa bean’ – a fact which Koko finds incredibly embarrassing.

She has a bit of a past with Maia, who seems to regard her with mild disdain. Mika, meanwhile, is impervious to this, and loudly proclaims that she and Maia are the best of friends.

Sakura Forest Girls 3 is now available on Steam for $9.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately using a patch available on Winged Cloud’s Patreon.

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