Clean up for the next guy

Meet a harem of nymphomaniacs in Ocrsoft’s Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday, a nukige visual novel now available on Steam and FAKKU.

Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday is a slice-of-life nukige about a young man named Mamoru Suzusato, in the middle of looking for a good college. Luckily for him, he ends up being admitted to the university of his dreams and finds a spot at the dorm next to it.

Mamoru will spend his summer holidays there, which may not sound like the most enticing prospect; however, he soon discovers that the dorm supervisor is a completely sex-crazed woman. In fact, it's not just her, as three other women who live at the dorm are every bit as ravenous as the supervisor. Between the married Mitsuko, the office worker, Souko; the delinquent, Sayoko; and the crazy Kurumi, Mamoru will have his hands full for the entire summer. Will he become part of the women’s casual harem or will he manage to find love among them before summer's end?

Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday is based on Mizuryu Kei's Zero Chastity series of adult manga. The game features Mizuryu Kei's signature artwork, full voice acting, 25 erotic scenes, and four lead heroines.


VA: Kazuha

The dorm mother of the Souma household. She's kind, good-natured, and a wonderful homemaker but her husband is generally busy with work and doesn't come home often. Although she may appear to be a sensible mother and chaste wife at first glance, the reality is she's constantly lusting after men's cocks and you're no exception ❤️


VA: Mei Misonoh

An office worker more concerned with working her pussy than boring paperwork. She's a kind woman who helps out around the house, but despite her helpful demeanor, she knows exactly how to get everything she wants from a man's cock. Help her let loose and you won't be disappointed.


VA: Ryoko Tezuka

Don't let her troublemaker-like looks fool you--she works two part-time jobs while attending a prestigious university where she's currently studying to be a lawyer. But, unsurprisingly, she is a troublemaker. One of those part-time jobs is tutoring, and she's well-known for her outstanding ability to turn even the most delinquent-of-delinquents into top-of-the-class students. Her second part-time job is escorting, and unlike the others, she expends no effort to hide her incessant thirst for dick.


VA: Ringo Aoba

Foul-mouthed and earnest, Kurumi is a bit of a rebel. She thinks she’s above the other girls’ antics, but she's by far the horniest one out of the bunch (but don't tell her we told you that.) Can you crack through her tough exterior and get to know the real Kurumi?

Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday is now available on Steam and FAKKU for $19.99.

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