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A young woman tries to track down the demon king that cursed her while another demon corrupts her from within her mind in Star Knightess Aura.

In Star Knightess Aura, you play as the titular character, Aura, a moral high school girl with her own sense of justice. While Aura was dreaming, a goddess summoned her into a strange world with a few others from her school: her best friend, Rose; her ex-childhood friend, Alicia; her boyfriend, George; and the school delinquent, Richard. The goddess had summoned them so that Aura, the chosen Star Knightess, could save the people of Roya from the demon king, with the other four students meant to act as companions on her journey.

After storming the demon king’s domain, Aura and her friends were lured into a trap by the demon king and his loyal servant, who happens to be Richard and Luciela, Alicia’s demon form. After killing Rose and George, they placed a curse upon Aura that would attach a collar around her neck to seal her Star Knightess powers, as well as implanting Luciela into Aura’s mind. Aura and Richard face off against each other, but he manages to escape.

Aura wakes up from her dream to find George and Rose still alive and with no memory of the dream. On the other hand, Richard and Alicia still have their memories from within the dream. While Aura is in Roya, searching for the Demon King and a way to break the curse, Richard and Alicia are concocting a plan to corrupt Aura from inside her mind.

The game is split into three parts: Aura’s adventure in Roya, Alicia’s brain hacking, and cutscenes of Aura over the course of time. When Aura goes to sleep, she enters into the world of Roya, where she can complete quests, learn skills and magic, and gather ingredients to upgrade her stats and increase the alchemy shop’s inventory. The choices she makes can increase her corruption points, which are then used in Alicia’s section.

The game's battles are turn-based, with enemies visible on the game's map. Battles can be started with preemptive attacks if you approach the enemy from behind, but the same rule applies to the player as well. Since Aura’s abilities are sealed by her collar, her stats were decreased back to level one. She is able to rip off her collar once each day to unlock her full potential, but the effect doesn't last long and adds to her corruption points. To increase her level and stats permanently, you'll need to upgrade your equipment, use stat-increasing items, or complete quests for the guild. Additionally, spells and skills can be earned from magic shops and the many people of Roya.

The second section involves Alicia entering into Aura’s mind. With the corruption points gained from the previous section, Alicia can unlock and use different rooms in Aura's mind to alter her relationships, interests, happiness, and appearance.

In the relationship room, you can either ruin or mend Aura’s bonds with the people in her life by altering her relationship points with Alicia, Rose, George, and Richard. In the happiness room, you can increase Aura’s capacity for happiness. Hacking this room will make Aura more willing to give in to temptations and lewd acts. Meanwhile, the appearance room changes Aura’s physical appearance, such as removing her glasses, changing her hairstyle, wearing more attractive clothing, or applying makeup. Finally, the interests room will alter what Aura is interested in. Throwing away books will cause her to lose interest in the corresponding subjects. For instance, you can throw away her fantasy novels and study guides and replace them with other books to change her interests entirely, or place a fashion magazine with her other interests to make her more interested in fashion.

Finally, the third section depicts the cutscenes of Aura’s life each day. If Alicia makes any changes to Aura’s mind, these changes will show up in reality Break her glasses in the appearance room and she'll stop wearing them; decrease Aura’s relationship points with Rose and she'll start to doubt her friendship with her. Meanwhile, if you increase her relationship points with Alicia, Aura will be more open to renewing her friendship with her and tolerant towards her bullying at school.

The public build for Star Knightess Aura can be downloaded on If you enjoyed the game, then consider checking out Aura-Dev’s Patreon page.

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