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Adult games' publisher MangaGamer has announced new upcoming releases during Anime NYC 2021.

Adult publisher MangaGamer has made an appearance for this year’s Anime NYC convention. The event was organized by LeftField Media, with support from large companies invested in the Japanese pop-culture, and lasted for three days. During their appearance on the event, MangaGamer has made announcements regarding its recent deals and upcoming releases, mentioning works for the fans of both romance and action.

Firstly, we’ve learned that MangaGamer will be publishing the second title in MOONSTONE’s Uchikanoseries, Uchikano - Living With My Sister!, sometime in the future. This announcement closely follows their release of the first entry in the series, Uchikano - Living With My Girlfriend.

Upon finally settling into the monotony of his daily nine to five, Keisuke’s bachelor cave existence is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of his little sister Riho, declaring that she was moving in. Apparently, their parents were dealing with a particularly aggressive stomach virus, and with Riho cramming for her entrance exams, Keisuke’s apartment was the only place left where she could study in peace. Now, out of their parents’ watchful gaze, walls begin to come down as Keisuke starts to understand just what "a little sister’s blessing" means to him.

The next announcement will be interesting to fans of boy’s love, as MangaGamer will be publishing UUULTRA C. This pro-wrestling kaiju drama set in 1970’s comes from ADELTA, the creators of Hashihime of the Old Book Town.

A golden era of artists, actors, and heroes is shaken to its core when kaiju straight out of black & white cinema attack Japan! One couple falls victim to the attacks and must face the reality of the kaiju's infectious nature turning others into more kaiju and join the fight for acceptance. One couple must deal with the strain and stress of fighting the kaiju and defending the people as the superhero team, Icarus Rangers. And one couple must struggle with their complex relationships with both sides of the kaiju versus hero battles.

With kaiju, heroes, robots, and more abound, you won't want to miss this homage to classic tokusatsu and its deep exploration of identity and one's place in the world!

Finally, MangaGamer’s third announcement regards a new title coming from 3rd Eye, the developers of Sorcery Jokers, who this time created an action-packed story titled The Pillagers of Raillore. Set in an alternate future, it shows a world that changed drastically after humans began to develop superpowers. Now, that a new type of powers beings to manifest itself within some people, the society reacts much more drastically to prevent another upheaval.

With the emergence of superpowers known as Dunamis in nearly every member of society, the future looks very different a century from now. Governments and nations have faded, making way for self-sufficient, almost medieval communes like the city of Raillore scattered throughout greenlands amid the ruined wastelands of former metropolises.

Yet trouble lurks, even amongst this new order, as an all-new class of superpower begins to emerge among a small few labelled Errors. While the Regulatory Corps attempts to maintain order and quell fears of these new powers by securing and "treating" Errors to eliminate the new powers, there are still others who refuse to comply and face the complete memory loss inflicted by such treatment.

Explore both sides of this action-packed adventure from the perspectives of two protagonists with the power of Pillaging - the power to temporarily take something from others.

You can read about the announcements on MangaGamer’s blog, where they have also published the results of their latest annual licensing survey.

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