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Mix drinks for a young lady with a lot on her mind in the first-person bartending eroge Intoxicant, now available on Itch.io.

Intoxicant put you into the shoes of a bartender working a quiet night shift. A beautiful girl, voiced by Dude That’s Lewd, comes in alone and asks for a drink. She has a lot on her mind, needing to vent her stress and worries to someone. As a bartender, you listen to her problems and mix drinks for her. There are multiple different drinks mix, and the drink you serve her will determine what she’ll talk about. It's up to you to help her de-stress with a few drinks and one night stand.

Intoxicant is a first-person atmospheric experience where you're simulating a bartender. In the drink menu, there are three types of alcohol to choose from: rum, whiskey, and vodka. In addition, each alcohol has three cocktails that can be mixed. Follow the instructions in the book, adding the necessary ingredients to make the drink, and serve it to her. Even if you mix the drink wrong, you can always reset the drink, or just serve it anyway. There are no punishments for making mistakes. Depending on which drinks you serve her, you will get to see one of the three sex scenes.

You play as a bartender on a lonely night, when a very pretty lady lends you her company, her life story, and maybe even more if you make her the right drinks ;) But don't worry, there are no wrong answer here!

Use your mouse to look around, click on drinks, and other actions.

Intoxicant has both a free version and a $5+ paid version available on Itch.io. The free version is censored, while the paid version is uncensored. Hot Pink Games also has a Patreon if you are interested in more of their games, or supporting them in other ways.

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