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Run, Kitty! - A Furry Gay Visual Novel Released on Steam and Itch.io

Strong & Furry’s boy's love, bara visual novel between a cat and dog, Run, Kitty!, is now available on Steam and Itch.io.

Previously, we wrote about Run, Kitty! when Strong & Furry first released their demo for the game back in February of 2020. More than a year has passed since then, with the game since releasing on Steam and Itch.io.

You play as Simon, a cat who decided to skip class to take a walk in a forest. While he was there, his mind drifted from one topic to the next and soon, he got lost. Without any signal on his phone or maps to aid him, his only choice is to rely on himself. When Simon’s survival instincts kicked in, he sensed that he was being pursued by an unknown predator; what could this predator want from him? Simon will have to escape the forest through his own intuition if he wants to stay safe.

Run, Kitty! is aimed at those who enjoy furry bodybuilders and romantic scenes involving them. The game features three endings: a normal end, a good end, and a happy end. If you find all the endings, you will unlock some bonus scenes. There are six CGs in total, two of which are sex scenes.

- A Romantic story rooted in the deep forest – Who will be your savior and future lover?

- Three distinct endings: Normal, Good, and Happy – Finish them all three and unlock the bonus scenes!

- Homosexual content – Enhance your time with your favorite muscular male!

The game includes:

- Approximately two hours of game content

- A world composed of five unique locations

- Up to six artworks including two artworks of sexual nature

- The ability to form a relationship with the huge dog

You can buy Run, Kitty! on Steam and Itch.io for $4.99. There's also a demo available if you would like to sample the game for yourself.

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