Putting the D in the double D.

Gather allies to protect demonkind in Sand Traveler’s Last Devil, a roguelike action game now available in early access on Steam.

Last Devil follows the demon lord, Kuro, as he seeks allies to ensure the survival of his subjects. Conflict has plagued the demon-inhabited continent for as long as they can remember. Hoping to find a place for themselves, creatures of various races flock over to these lands and soon begin to rival others. To ensure the safety of his people, Kuro’s father used to wage war against the other races, but Kuro himself doesn’t enjoy the needless killing. Instead, he decides to try to ally with the other race leaders, hoping to create an alliance that allows everyone to coexist peacefully, with his first target being the elves’ male ruler, Charlotte. Naturally, the forest’s inhabitants aren't keen to let the demon lord simply walk up to their leader, forcing him to carve his path by force.

Throughout the course of the game, the player has to traverse through areas divided into different, procedurally generated rooms, each filled with enemies. Clearing the room of foes rewards the player with an item, after which they can move on to the next challenge. To defend himself, Kuro has access to three base abilities: the fireball, the defensive barrier, and the evasive dash. The exact nature and effects of these abilities change depending on items collected by the player, while new skills can be learned throughout the game.

A large portion of the game’s challenge lies in managing its difficulty. As the player progresses through rooms, they will have opportunities to exchange resources, such as their maximum health or collected enemy souls, for new items. The player will also be able to permanently improve enemy health and damage output in exchange for being able to more precisely pick a new item, a decision that could make or break their run. Collected items are lost upon death, but the player keeps their souls, which can be exchanged for permanent stat upgrades.

Every ten rooms, the player will encounter a boss, with the final challenge being the leader of the area. After being defeated, the faction’s leader will move to Kuro’s castle, where the player can talk to them, rewatch previously-viewed sex scenes, and unlock new ones by gifting them affection items. These items can be gathered from enemies by replaying a more difficult version of the area they come from.

In its current state, Last Devil features one of three planned areas for the game. Beating all thirty rooms featured within allows the player to become acquainted with the aforementioned Charlotte for some gay loving, with a total of four erotic scenes to be unlocked involving the elven hero. In the future, the game will feature two more zones and two female love interests: the furry warrior, Kayla, and the goblin shaman, Mia.

Last Devil is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $7.19 until November 18th, at which point it will cost $7.99. Alternatively, you can choose to support Sand Traveler on Patreon. Once the total amount of your pledges comes out to more than the price of the game, you'll receive a Steam key as well.

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