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Parody Adventure Game Kame Paradise 2 Multiversex Now Available on FAKKU and DLsite

YamamotoDoujinshi’s parody adventure game, Kame Paradise 2 Multiversex, is now available for purchase on FAKKU and DLsite.

Kame Paradise 2 Multiversex is the latest game from YamamotoDoujinshi, an artist known for his adult parodies of the Dragon Ball franchise. In Kame Paradise 2 Multiversex, Master Roshi decides to steal the time machine right before Trunks can travel back to fight the androids. For the lecherous old master, there are more important matters to take care of, such as making love to the heroines from across the series' entire timeline.

The game features ten different time periods you can travel between at your leisure. In each of them, you can explore a small map populated by various NPCs from the franchise. The goal of the game is to help resolve their issues by collecting items scattered throughout the different time periods. Although the majority of the game is spent exploring areas and collecting items, the rock-paper-scissors combat system also makes a comeback. At first, the system may seem to rely solely on luck; however, enemies encountered in the game always use the same moves in combat and can be conquered by simply memorizing their patterns.

By helping people resolve their problems, you can find opportunities to have sex with eight heroines from the series: Ranfan, Celipa, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Android 18, Bra, Maron, and Vados. Each scene is comprised of multiple animated loops that can be switched between, according to your preferences.

Given the endless bounds of Master Roshi's lechery, many of these scenarios aren't consensual, with Roshi using any excuse to blackmail or beat up the heroines until he can get his pleasure out of the encounter. Each of these cutscenes can be later viewed in the game's gallery. The player can also come across cover art from YamamotoDoujinshi's doujins, which can also be viewed from the in-game gallery.

Kame Paradise 2 Multiversex is now available on FAKKU for $19.99 and DLsite for $22.37 (estimated from ¥2,530). Be warned that the DLsite version of the game features mosaic censorship.

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