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Xixrelk is currently working on Chosen, a point-and-click management game featuring an elf girl, with an early build now available on

Chosen is a point-and-click adventure game where you play as an elf sent on a mission by her master. Said master had a vision where he learned that his personal servant is the chosen one, so he sends her off to collect the ten relics of Xixrelk. To ensure that she stays on task, he places a curse on the elf so that sex stresses her out; if she becomes too stressed, she will die. Throughout her journey, she will encounter situations where she'll need to rely on skills, money, and even her own body to survive.

In Chosen, you'll mostly be picking up odd jobs to pay for food, a place to stay, and restorative items for quests. Working these jobs will use up your activity points (AP), with each job costing thirty AP and the money earned varying between jobs. For instance, there're some jobs that don't involve playing minigames, but the pay isn’t much and there's the chance you'll get an unavoidable sex CG. If you accept a job on the job board, though, you get to play a minigame.

As of right now, there are two types of jobs available on the job board: hunting and carrier jobs. The hunting job pays based on how many birds you shoot, while the carrier job requires you to reach the finish line without hitting any obstacles. You get paid the full amount if you make it to the end, but if you run into an enemy, you're unable to complete the job and get a sex CG. You won’t be paid, but your AP will be used regardless. If you do these jobs enough times, you'll level up in that career, unlocking the corresponding job's next level. These higher-level jobs are more difficult but pay more than the lower levels.

If you get low on AP, you can go back home to sleep for the day to restore it, while high-stress levels can be reduced by sleeping or eating lollipops. A place to stay for the night will cost one hundred gold, but if you can’t afford it, you can just pay with your body. Additionally, there's a shop where you can buy lollipops, potions, and weapons for when you join the guild. The guild isn't available in the current build of the game, but is a planned feature to be added in the future. You also have three stats: might, charm, and wit. You can increase your stats by either going to the dojo or the alchemist to pay for lessons.

You can play the current build of Chosen on If you enjoy it, then do consider checking out Xixrelk’s Patreon page.

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