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Corrupt the hearts of righteous heroines in Escu:de’s Yamizome Revenger, now available on JAST USA.

Yamizome Revenger follows the life of Kazunori, a formerly unremarkable student who becomes possessed by CLivehertz, a demon king from another world. While running away from a righteous group of heroines, Clivehertz took refuge in Kazunori’s body, hiding his presence and coming into contact with the protagonist. The heroines won’t stop until they vanquish the demon king, which now puts Kazunori himself in danger. However, Clivehertz has a plan: now that they’re all here in a different world, the heroines are weakened. As such, Kazunori could defeat them if he uses the demon king’s powers. Given the prospect of enslaving a harem of heroines, Kazunori agrees to go along with Clivehertz’s devious scheme.

The game plays out across multiple days, each divided into various phases, during which Kazunori and Clivehertz work to defeat the five heroines. Each day begins with the social phase, during which Kazunori lives out his normal school life. However, the heroines themselves also attend his school, allowing him to become closer with them and learn about their weaknesses.

At night, the hero hunts down the heroines while they’re isolated and attempts to defeat them with Clivehertz’s powers. Yamizome Revenger features an active time battle system, in which turns play out in an asymmetric fashion. Both the player and the heroine have sets of abilities they can use, referred to as decks. As abilities in each deck come off cooldown, the player can select it to make use of them. Bringing down the heroine’s health allows Kazunori to torment her. You'll get to choose from various dialogue options that corrupt the girl’s heart, breaking her resolve. However, the stronger the phrase, the more fiercely the heroine defends herself. To win the game, the player has to corrupt each of the girls’ hearts completely.

The task is by no means easy. Kazunori has to learn the weaknesses of each heroine during the social phase to be able to fully deplete their resolve. At the same time, you will be racing against the clock, having to reach target objectives within a given time frame, as otherwise their plan will fail. Each day, Kazunori’s abilities will improve, allowing you to build an advantage. Clivehertz’s abilities can also be improved with time, and new ones may be learned by repeatedly fighting the heroines and observing their actions.

Yamizome Revenger is now available on JAST USA for the promotional price of $31.49, where it will later cost $34.99.

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