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Cats on a Lilypad Studios has launched a Kickstarter for their boys' love visual novel, The Inn Between.

The Inn Between is described as a “semi-NSFW” BL visual novel with three love interests. The story follows Myka Riley, a university graduate working as a barista at a café. He has no memory of his childhood or family before he was eight years old; all he knows is that he was in an accident and suddenly started living with his aunt. Unbeknownst to his aunt, he had a letter addressed to him from a certain Edwin Riley. Based on the letter, Edwin is Myka’s father, but his father disappeared and his aunt has refused to talk about him.

Days after his twenty-fourth birthday, he receives a phone call from a lawyer, asking to speak to his father. He later learns that his grandfather died and left behind the deed to the Magnus Inn, a long-abandoned inn located in the forest. Could this place lead him closer to his lost memories and his father?

The Inn Between is a semi-nsfw BL/BxB modern fantasy visual novel with stunning art by XianJin and Vui Huynh, enchanting music by Efe Tozan and superb sound effects by Jeff Penny.


- 100,000+ words

- A fusion of modern and fantasy aesthetics

- Three romanceable love interests

- Character art & CG illustrations by XianJin

- Catboy

- Flirtatious Language

Cats on a Lilypad Studios is asking for $16,000 AUD ($11,924 USD). They've reached the project's initial funding goal, but the Kickstarter also has a number of stretch goals still available.

At $21,000 AUD ($15,617 USD), more art will be added into the game. This includes backgrounds, CGs, and character sprites.

At $25,000 AUD ($18,592 USD), the developers will go full adult with the intimate and romantic scenes and CGs. Originally, their game was closer to 17+, but this stretch goal pushes the game over the line into 18+ territory.

At $47,000 AUD ($34,953 USD), full voice acting will be available in the game. While the game's demo featured full voice acting, the full release would only be getting partial voice work. Reaching this goal will make it possible for The Inn Between to be fully voiced.

At $61,500 AUD ($45,737 USD), a secret fourth route and love interest will also be added to the game.

The Kickstarter for The Inn Between ends on November 26th. As of this writing, the Kickstarter has raised $26,044 AUD ($19,410 USD) of their $16,000 AUD ($11,924 USD) goal. If you want to see more information about the game, you can check out Cats on a Lilypad Studios’ Kickstarter page. You can also play the game's demo on and Steam.

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