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Romantic Comedy Visual Novel Kirakira Stars Idol Project Ai Now Available Uncensored on FAKKU

Work with your childhood friend to conquer the world of Idols in Kirakira stars idol project Ai, a romantic comedy visual novel now available uncensored on FAKKU.

Kirakira stars idol project Ai is a slice-of-life, romantic comedy visual novel developed by sushi_soft. The title was originally released in February of last year, but featured heavy usage of mosaic censorship. The visual novel has now been rereleased on FAKKU's storefront, featuring fully uncensored artwork.

The story of Kirakira stars idol project Ai centers on a man named Nobuyuki, who’s been fascinated with idols for a long time. So much so, that he decided to become an idol producer in his adult life. Unfortunately, he hasn’t proven to be a good fit for the career so far. The massive popularity of idols in recent years may have brought forth many new opportunities, but with it came a higher level of competition that's been too much for the protagonist to overcome. He’s not alone in his struggles, as the company he works for is going through a rough patch and the higher-ups started demanding that his team show results within the next six months.

The situation proves so overwhelming that Nobuyuki starts fumbling more and more, ultimately losing access to the company dormitory. Thrown out into the streets, he runs into his childhood friend, Ai Amane. At first, he tries not to bother her, but she knows him too well to buy into his bluffs, dragging the news out of him. Not one to let her friend sleep outside, she invites Nobuyuki to her house, where Ai later offers to become his first idol. Having finally caught a lucky break, Nobuyuki joins Ai and his childish co-worker Miwako in their last shot at saving the company and challenging the idol market.

Ai Amane (天音 愛)

CV: Yoshino Mizuse(水瀬よしの)

Height: 158cm

Weight: 49.5kg

BWH measurements: 87/60/86

She was estranged from nobuyuki once because she moved out town when she was young.

He came to Tokyo to go to university, then reunited with the main character, and lived together in a way that sympathized with his circumstances.

She can't be left alone when the person in need, and it is a girl who is gentle, honest, gentle, equal to everyone, and the pure and pure are pictured.

At first glance, it looks perfect because the head of the earth and the motor nerve are good, but in fact, there is one side that does not dislike it without losing.

In addition, the perfect mask of the usual comes off when the person who is close to you is relaxed, and it does the poca which I do not usually do.

On the other hand, it is a gentle character, but on the other hand, because it cares too much and it puts me off, and only the other party is concerned, the request is not able to be refused, it is likely to sympathize with the other party's circumstances, and the unnecessary thing is shouldered, and it is often involved in various things.

Miwako Sakurai (桜井みわ子)

CV: Mako Mishiro (三代眞子)

Height: 155cm

Weight: 45kg

BWH measurements: 89/58/85

He has a teasing, emotional, and childish personality.

There are a lot of aggressive skinship such as the body touch in Ai to make fun of the hero.

It is misunderstood because of the character, but it is sincere about the idol, and it is a bitter word when Ai is broken and it comes to do the idol.

In the past, he aimed to become an idol, but in the end he didn't cry and didn't bud, and he gave up his idol knowing that he didn't have any talent, but instead got a job as a backway to support his juniors.

The office which picked me up also had a deep feeling and a debt, and even if it was acquired for that reason, it did not go to the other party's company, and it tried to protect the office even if it became one person.

Kirakira stars idol project Ai is now available on FAKKU for $12.99. The visual novel is also available on Steam for the same price, where you can also find a demo of the game. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a patch available on the developer’s website.

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