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The RPG Maker game about a boy’s long journey to becoming a femboy and earning a living, Make Lots of M♂ney with Sex is now available on DLsite.

Developed by Yanmarumaa, who also created Femboy Holy Order Rascal, Make Lots of M♂ney with Sex is an RPG Maker game that spans the entirety of Creta Takamizawa’s school life — which includes elementary, middle, and high school. Everything starts in elementary school, when our protagonist Creta became the lastest victim of a serial rapist who preyed on little girls. The criminal fucks young Creta out of revenge for interrupting his kidnapping attempt and alerting police. This section is featured in the game’s demo and consists of stealth sections where you must avoid the police as the rapist.

Years after the incident, Creta is in middle school. At school he is bullied because he was the only male victim of the serial rapist. He is sexually harassed and mocked by his peers everyday. All the bullying is followed by a voice in his head, telling him to become a masochist and a girl so he won’t have to suffer anymore. Creta tries his best to fight back against that desire and live like an ordinary man, but an encounter with a sexually freeing girl, May Mandai, changes his mind. This part of the game has stealth and money raising sections. Avoid bullies and earn money through naughty work so that you can raise money to become a beautiful femboy.

By the time he reaches high school, Creta has become a pretty femboy and is willing to take up any part-time jobs to pay for his new apartment. As he earns more money, he can move into a new place. There are ten different part time jobs. Experience them all and make lots of money.

Creta Takamizawa ♂

A dainty male student with high girl power.

He was involved in a series of rape cases in the past, and is being sexually bullied by his classmates every day.

May Mandai ♀

A sexy schoolgirl with an air of mystery about her.

She was the victim of a series of rapes, just like Creta, and has been working in the sex industry ever since. ......

Tarui & Renko ♀

These are the ladies who appear at the part-time job of the main character, Takamizawa Creta.

They are attracted to Creta's good looks and demand to have sex with her, so be careful!

You can buy Make Lots of M♂ney with Sex on DLsite for the discounted price of ¥924 [which is approximately $8.11 USD]. On November 25th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of ¥1,320 [which is approximately $11.59 USD]. There is also a demo available so you can try the game out first if you'd like.

As usual for games on DLsite, you might need to make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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