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Find a girlfriend at work in MOONSTONE’s Love Sweets, a romantic comedy visual novel now available on MangaGamer.

Love Sweets is a romantic comedy that follows a student named Itsuki. The young man hasn’t done much in his first year at university, and has come to regret that he’s yet to find a girlfriend. Looking for a way to address that problem, he realizes that most of his friends have found their current soulmates at work, and decides to follow suit.

Since he’s mainly looking for a partner, Itsuki seeks a job opening that would let him work with many girls. This leads him to a café named Hot Chocolat, where many girls from his university work at part-time, including one of his classmates. Surely, spending each day working with five girls, he’ll be able to forge lasting bonds.

Kanae Otonashi

A widely admired honor student from the academy. Her outstanding grades and beauty garner the envy and attention of all, which has the unfortunate effect of making her appear unapproachable. She’s frequently alone as a result, but there are some girls like Kushina who she’s friendly with.

Becoming a pattisier is her dream, and she wanted to save up money while getting some experience in the process, so she got a part time job at Cafe Hot Chocolat about a year ago.

Yui Ichinose

Thanks to having known her since childhood, she’s the closest of companions.Everyone seems to think she’s dating the protagonist, but they simply view each other as longtime friends. About 80% of what’s preventing the protagonist from getting a girlfriend can actually be attributed to her, but neither of them have realized that in the slightest.

Kushina Otonashi

A girl who’s constantly bright and cheery. Her home’s far away, so she’s currently living in the school dorms. On occasions where she gets mad or upset, she’ll sometimes revert to her native dialect.

Presumably thanks to being Kanae Otonashi’s cousin, they get along well. Her love for manga and anime also seems to have made her friendly with Iori. For some reason, she trusts the protagonist to an unusual extent.

Minamo Enjou

A girl I first met at work.

She’s in charge of training other employees at Hot Chocolat. Apparently intent to act like the mature adult, she wants to help everyone else whenever she sees the opportunity, but outside of work, she’s often the one who needs assistance.

Not only does she not seem to think much of how she has a figure that makes other girls jealous, but she’s unfazed by the protagonist’s distressed reactions to physical contact.

Iori Futami

The protagonist’s sister, a meek girl of few words.

Due to frequently absent parents, the protagonist usually looked after and spoiled her, accidentally turning her into a sister who has romantic feelings toward her brother.

She loves anime and manga, and hit it off with Kushina for having the same hobby. They’ve been frequently hanging out together ever since.

Recently, she’s been bothered by all the cute girls surrounding the protagonist.

Love Sweets is now available on MangaGamer for $44.95.

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