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Procure prostitutes and oppose the corporate rule in Alicesoft’s simulation RPG Dohna Dohna, now available on Johren.

Dohna Dohna takes place in Asougi City, named after the Asougi Group Corporation that owns it. In this town, all aspects of people’s lives are dictated directly by the corporation, which has proven itself skilled at human management. Most people find their lives here peaceful and simply go about their day. Those dissatisfied with having their fate dictated to them form violent gangs that break the rules in retaliation against the oppressive society they’ve been born into.

Throughout the game, the player controls a young man named Kuma. As the number two of the Nayuta Clan, the protagonist is responsible for managing most of its criminal activities, their leading project being prostitution of kidnapped girls. The management process is divided into three phases that take place each day: hunting, hustling, and feeling.

Much of the game is spent by performing hunts, which are composed of turn-based combat encounters that allow the player to kidnap women from the enemy team after defeating all other members of the opposing group. The game’s combat system relies heavily on the player’s ability to manage their team’s composition and formation for the best execution of party members' abilities.

The hustling and feeling phases of the game have the player manage prostitution of the kidnapped girls by assigning them to clients according to their tastes and improving the facilities they work in. As the player continues to build their criminal empire, they will inevitably come across events that impact the course of the story and reveal secrets about the city, as well as the corporation that runs it.


As the Nayuta clan's de facto No. 2, he's the one who always has to do all the work. Drab, hardworking, and everything Nayuta isn't, somehow, he still fits in perfectly.


(Voice: No☆Ball)

Nayuta's freewheelin' bossman. Only ever thinks of new ways to have fun. (If he even thinks at all.)


(Voice: Shizu Azuma)

A trickster, overspecialized in sexual pranks. As Kuma's boss, she instructs him in her field. In other words she's fucking with him.


(Voice: Shino Amekawa)

Joined Nayuta to get away from the boredom. Goes with the flow, so she feels right at home. Her nickname comes from "Killer of Killers."


(Voice: Suzu Sazanami)

The body of an adult (?) with the mind of a child (?). A sweet and innocent girl who's with the Flattt clan for some reason.


(Voice: Kanna Natsuki)

The head of the Shinonome Clan. As sharp and sure as the katana she wields. Kikuchiyo is her real name. Kikuchiyo Mibu.


(Voice: Luca Momochi)

A med student from the Outside who came to Asougi City in search of her father. She's ordinary, so Nayuta's craziness and the city's strange ways keep her always playing catch-up.


(Voice: Yanesen)

Kuma's self-proclaimed rival as Nayuta's No. 2. A skilled mechanist: Made his weapon himself. Ready to drop the "Torataro" nickname ASAP.


(Voice: Yuka Kanematsu)

A genius electrical engineer who (probably) eats wireless waves for breakfast. Prioritizes her curiosity over her morals in the scientific spirit.


(Voice: Asuro Nikaido)

A master at seducing people to the darkness. His three predecessors as clan leader all mysteriously disappeared.


(Voice: Maya Suzuya)

Flattt's No. 2, though not strictly under Murasaki. With a mysterious smile and breasts for days, there's no situation she can't sex up.


(Voice: Kitaro Ushigaeru)

A sword-carrying samurai who's served the Shinonome since the time of the previous clan head. For his clan's sake, and for Kikuchiyo's, he strikes down any who stand in their way.


(Voice: Yuuji Masuoka)

A man far above the reach of the common people. He hears reports and passes commands through tiers of subordinates to address matters on the ground.


(Voice: Ren Haruna)

Runs the black-market general store called VILE/VAN out of a random apartment. The Anti-Aso clans come to her to get all their necessities at sensible prices. Sometimes things even go on sale!

Dohna Dohna is now available on Johren for the promotional price of $39.99 until November 10th, at which point it will cost $49.99.

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