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Fantasy Comedy RPG Ren the Summoner and the Erotic Dungeon by flower games has been published uncensored by MediBang! on FAKKU.

Previously covered by LewdGamer when it released on Steam, Ren the Summoner and the Erotic Dungeon is a traditional adventure RPG where players get to fight monsters in turn-based battles and explore a fantasy land while solving problems for its inhabitants. The game’s protagonist is the young and clumsy monster summoner Ren, who’s pursuing her friend Croad, a renowned prodigy in both summing and sorcery.

Croad is a bitter man. He lost his wife in an accident involving monsters and hasn’t trusted them since. In secrecy, he’s been developing a plan to eradicate them from the world for the safety of humans, and has worked hard to gain the powers and influence necessary to achieve his goal. When he reveals his plans to Ren, she becomes determined to change his mind. Soon, she embarks in pursuit of Croad, hoping to stop him from destroying the monsters the summoners hold dear. Meanwhile, her own summoned companion has a different idea. Having heard of Croad's goals, the monster sees no other choice than to kill the young man before it’s too late. Keeping his plans to himself, he follows Ren as they attempt to find her brother.

Ren the Summoner and the Erotic Dungeon had its first release in English in August of this year. The game distinguished itself by offering players the ability to forge contracts with monsters found during encounters to later summon them as party members. However, many complained about it featuring mosaic censorship, even while adult content had to be installed separately. As a response to this, the game has been re-released on FAKKU featuring clean artwork, devoid of the partial censorship.

Small fry with 0 attack power, “Ren” is a kind hearted summoner girl. However, a friend and summoner of the same village, “Croad” had a very different ambition. Croad’s lover was killed by a rampant monster in the past, and with vengeance against all monsters, he thinks of a “Monster Eradication Plan” Now, when this plan is about to take place, “Ren” is the only one able to stop him. But, not only is “Croad” the world’s most powerful summoner, he is the world’s most powerful sorcerer who has been head hunted by the kingdom. The “mayor” has no choice but to entrust all hope on this girl to enface the strongest enemy.

The uncensored version of Ren the Summoner and the Erotic Dungeon is now available on FAKKU for $9.99. While the all-ages version of the game is available on Steam for the same price. Adult content for the Steam release can be downloaded separately from the publisher’s website, but will contain mosaic censorship.

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