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A boy traumatized by love is made to fall in love with one of two girls in the comedic sci-fi visual novel, Love Duction! The Guide for Galactic Lovers.

Developed by US8 and published by Denpasoft and Sekai Project, Love Duction! The guide for Galactic Lovers follows the life of a boy who is fought over by two alien girls. Aside from being traumatized by love, Nanaboshi Kanata has been living a normal life this entire time. When he was lying down in front of the Shiratori Academy Gate to prevent the school from being demolished he encounters the Guide for Galactic Lovers. She introduces herself as Serie and states that she is here to support his love life. Afterwards, every bit of normalcy left in his life shifted into something closer to a strange science fiction novel.

Later on, he finds out that his classmate Yamada is an alien, and more aliens are on their way to Earth. He even finds another alien girl on his living room sofa when he comes home. Nanaboshi gets caught up in an astronomical feud between two girls who aim to be the galactic president and he has to choose who to fall in love with. Serie tells him that it’s possible for him to go for both routes. Can Nanaboshi pull off the impossible? It’s time to begin the 4th Loveduction and find out.


- Character designs of Kaniya Shiku

- Scenario by Ejimura, Uoda Suu, Omutsu

- Opening theme by Hal2Band

- Multiple Endings

- Japanese voice acting (except for main character)

- English and Japanese language options

You can purchase Love Duction! The Guide for Galactic Lovers on JAST USA and Steam for $12.99 and Denpasoft for the discounted price of $11.69.

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