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The adventures of the spellbreaker continue in Arcana: Heat and Cold Season 2, now available on Steam and

PixelGreeds and HarDDeer’s Arcana: Heat and Cold is an episodic game series about a spellbreaker who solves girls’ problems through peculiar methods. Though a spellbreaker is an elite magician that can feel magic, this one is unable to do so, earning him the title of loser magician. Instead, he uses sex to get through to the girls while keeping up the façade of magic.

Just like in the previous game, the scenes are laid out in a comic book format, with the girls you encounter differing in personality and with their own fetishes. Compared to the game's first season, the sex scenes in Arcana: Heat and Cold Season 2 will have over one hundred and forty pictures and less text.

In Arcana: Heat and Cold Season 2, there will no longer be a set of mini-games to games to play through, instead using a new turn-based combat system that was implemented. The combat is not the main component of the game, but it does fit into the overall narrative, with short card battles and no penalties for losing. There is no grinding, searching for items, or padding to stretch out the gameplay.

"The misfortunes of the unskilled magician who just wanted to make some money and not get into any troubles."

As fun as Spellbreaker work can be, even it can get boring.

Well, the gods have answered the prayers of the loser magician!

This time our hero will have to solve his problems not only with words, but also with his fists!

But, what should you do if you’re even worse at fighting than at magic?

You can buy Arcana: Heat and Cold Season 2 on Steam for $4.99 and on for $5.00.

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