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Face your phobias as you fight for your life in the haunted mansion of Sakuraprin’s Abaddon: Princess of the Decay, a horror RPG now available on FAKKU and Itch.io.

Abaddon: Princess of the Decay is a horror RPG developed by Sakuraprin. The story begins with the protagonist's father, an archeologist, as he's exploring an abandoned mansion with his team. He forgot to take an important key with him, so he calls his son, Homura, to deliver it. Homura arrives together with a handful of his friends and they begin exploring the mansion, searching for the protagonist’s dad. Soon after, they find an old tome and the ground suddenly splits open, separating the group into two teams. They now have to find a way to reunite, discover what happened to Homura’s dad, and escape the mansion. To make matters worse, the entire building is now crawling with horrific monsters wanting nothing more than to kill the displaced youths.

Throughout the game, you'll be exploring the mansion while controlling three out of the six-team members at a time. To progress, you'll not only have to fight horrific monsters in turn-based battles but also solve puzzles obstructing your path through the mansion. Every team member brings with them new perspectives on the story and a unique ability to help you explore the mansion. Take care, though, as after falling three times in battle, characters are permanently lost for the remaining playthrough. It's also possible for team members to lose their minds from fear or rage.

Abaddon: Princess of the Decay features bisexual erotic content, depending on the player’s preferences. Every member of the party can be romanced, which includes the game's male characters if you enable the BL mode in the options menu. Players can also discover yuri scenes depicting intimate relations between the party's female members. There are over 170 uncensored CGs to discover and all of them come in two styles: full color digital art and retro pixel art.

The game originally released in Japan in 2011 and even received an anime adaptation in 2020. Originally, there were plans to release the English version of the game on Steam, but it has since been banned on the platform. No official reason for the decision has been made public thus far.

Abaddon: Princess of the Decay is now available on FAKKU and Itch.io for $19.99.

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