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As the season of scares reaches its peak, various adult game developers have joined together to offer The Spooooky Megabundle! of 15 games for a single price.

Halloween may just take place on a single day of the year, but the broader season of spooks and pumpkin spices tends to last much longer. To fight the season of fear with fascination, thirteen developers have banded together to offer a collection of fifteen games featuring monster girls, scares, and the forces of evil, as part of The Spooooky Megabundle!. Collectively, the games are valued at $58.15, but until the sale's end on November 3rd, you can grab them for $36.66.

The Spooooky Megabundle! includes:

Goblins Can Save the Day! by AstroKaen ($5.00)

HypnolabVR by OutbreakGames and Momoiro Software ($10.00)

Lewd Leaf Land - Maple Tea Ecstasy by Saemi ($5.00)

The Little Black Bestiary: The Salted Cookies of Carthaginia by CyberScherzoFF ($4.00)

Monster Girl HUNTER by MonsterBox ($9.99)

Monster Girls Labyrinth by Asephy ($2.99)

Overwhored + Bonus CG Pack by OutbreakGames ($1.99)

Pandemommyum! Hot Single Moms in My Area by Aquapaulo! ($5.00)

Sex or Treat by HotPink ($5.00)

Wet Nightmares by Kinky Fridays ($9.99)

Why Is There A Girl In My House?! by Top Hat Studios ($2.99)

By purchasing the bundle, you will also support the following free titles and their creators:

Extra Life by RNGeusEX

Future Fragments by Hentaiwritter

Hyper Violet Rising by LAV

Love Sucks: Night One by Art Witch Studios

The Spooooky Megabundle! is currently available on for $36.66, saving buyers 36% of the included games’ total price of $58.15. The bundle will remain available until November 3rd.

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