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Simulation Game A Hot Springs Vacation with My Married Office Lady Superior Releases on DLsite

Uzura Studio’s simulation game, A Hot Springs Vacation with my Married Office Lady Superior, is now available on DLsite.

A Hot Springs Vacation with my Married Office Lady Superior is a simulation game about an abusive worker exploiting his married superior. The protagonist is going on a business trip with his superior in place of her chief of staff, who couldn’t make it. The superior is highly important to the protagonist, as her aid was crucial in him securing his current employment and improving his work at the company. After hearing that she’s going to leave the company soon, he decides to use the trip as an opportunity to get closer to her and memorize how her body feels to the touch while he still has the chance.

The game plays out over the course of four stages, depicting their time in the town, the inn, at the hot springs, and finally in the bedroom. Each of these different stages features a different background and pose. In order to win the game, the player has to touch the heroine’s erogenous zones while the status bar icon is in the red, but also avoid doing so when it’s blue. At the same time, so long as she’s not being stimulated, the heroine will grow wary, decreasing the leeway value; if her leeway reaches zero, the player loses. Each level of the game features four different stages of the heroine’s undress and four ways of molesting different parts of her body, slowly unlocking as the player makes more progress.

This is a groping game about an office lady going on a business trip with her coworker, the protagonist.

It starts with you going on a business trip with your married superior.

Hold the mouse button down to keep touching her.

There are 4 stages, clear them to continue touching as much as you want.

The stages are full of Japanese spirit with a yukata and hot springs.

The illustrations were drawn to make you feel as if you're in a Japanese hot spring.

New methods of touching are unlocked as you continue touching.

Every area has a few animations prepared for it. You can enjoy various methods of touching.

After clearing a stage you can choose to continue touching.

If you make her angry the game will end.

You can adjust the game's resolution with the Z, X, C and V keys.

This game requires DirectX 11.

A Hot Springs Vacation with my Married Office Lady Superior is now available on DLsite for $6.75 (estimated from ¥770). Additionally, a demo of the game can also be downloaded from the store page.

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