...the fuck?

A spoiled noblewoman is brought to ruin when her parents are arrested for tax evasion in Tale of a Fallen Maiden, now available on DLsite.

Tale of a Fallen Maiden follows Elle, a girl of noble upbringing with rich parents. Raised as she was, Elle is spoiled and asked far too much of her servants. If they're unable follow her demands to the letter, Elle would threaten to have them fired or locked away. One day, she arrives home and finds a group of people appraising everything in her mansion. A man tells Elle that her father was accused of tax fraud and her mother was brought in as an accomplice.

Since her family didn’t pay their taxes, Elle was left with nothing but the clothes on her back. She tried to stay at the inn, but didn’t understand that she needed money, and the inn refused to accommodate her. When she runs into the maid who used to work for her, the maid takes pity on her, letting Elle stay at her house with her family.

Stripped of her noble title, Elle continued to complain about the commoner lifestyle, causing the maid’s patience to wear thin. Her former maid then suggests Elle should earn money by becoming an adventurer. Maybe in doing so, she can gain enough riches and information to regain her nobility and clear her father’s name.


It's an RPG game that follows the path of a high class, but naive noble girl's fall from nobility!

From gangbangs to tentacle rape, the smooth animation depicts all matter of her sexual encounters!

Facing the cruel realities of life, the wrath of her former servants, failing as an adventurer, falling to the clutches of bandits and then be bought as a slave by an enemy noble lord..

Will her spirit be crushed by the multiple attacks of humiliation, or will she once again return to her former as a noble.....!

[Sexually Explicit]

Forced gangbangs, assault by tentacles, sold as a slave, forced to perform sex shows etc...

The fluid animation depicts a sassy young woman being thoroughly violated in all kinds of situations!

Will she be able to endure the various training and humiliation that comes her way and make her come back, or will she end up as a slave...

You can buy Tale of a Fallen Maiden on sale from DLsite for ¥990 [approximately $8.68 USD]. After November 2nd, the sale will come to an end and the game will return to its original sales price of ¥1,320 [approximately $11.57 USD]. A short demo is also available, which features the introduction of the game, but there are no battles. To ensure you don't have problems running the game, you might need a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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