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The 46th Order of Chivalry’s hypnosis-centric RPG, Sorcerer, and the Female Warriors - Hypnosis Done Braves -, is now available on DLsite.

Sorcerer and the Female Warriors - Hypnosis Done Braves - is an RPG that takes place after a typical war between good versus evil. The forces of good have prevailed, the evil king has been banished, and the heroes were able to retire peacefully. As fate would have it, though, not all servants of evil were slain, and they’ve spent the past few years preparing to return.

As time passes, the heroes eventually discover the existence of the evil remnants. Now too old to fight for themselves, they allow their daughter to inherit their duty and send her on a quest to vanquish the remaining forces of evil. Hearing of their plan, one of the evil army leaders, Esbore, decides to take matters into his hands. He disguises himself as a helpful fairy and joins the heroine as she departs to find the descendants of her parent’s other party members. Esbore’s plan is to win their trust and use his powers of hypnosis to slowly corrupt their morals until they're completely unwilling to fight against evil.

Playing as Esbore, the player has to travel with the party and find ways to exploit the heroines without losing their trust. Each in-game day is divided into three phases, which the player can move between using inns found in towns. During the day, heroines accompany the player, allowing them to travel between towns and gather new clues. In the evening, the girls go about their own business separately, giving the player an opportunity to use their powers on the townspeople. Finally, at night, the player can hypnotize one of the party members and give them tasks that will affect their personality.

The main goal of Sorcerer and the Female Warriors - Hypnosis Done Braves - is to degrade each girls’ morals without losing their trust in you. This is done by balancing stats related to their trust, obedience, and the amount of control Esbore has over them. There is no combat in the game, with players instead of having to focus on exploration and party management to accomplish their goals. The game features four lead heroines, seventeen adult scenes, and six different endings to discover.

Sorcerer and the Female Warriors - Hypnosis Done Braves - is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $8.81 (estimated from ¥1,001) until November 6th, at which point it will cost $12.59 (estimated from ¥1,430). A demo of the game can be downloaded from the store page.

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