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Steal a national treasure in Milky Way’s Sylphy and the Sleepless Island, a fantasy RPG published by Kagura Games on multiple storefronts.

Sylphy and the Sleepless Island follows the adventures of renowned thief Sylphy as she attempts to secure funding for her sister’s medical treatment. Years ago, when their mother died, Sylphy’s father forced herself on her sister. Being a witness to this act, Sylphy killed him on the spot. The event was severely traumatic to her sister and, ever since then, Sylphy’s been taking on risky heist to earn enough money for her sister’s treatment.

During her last job, Sylphy managed to steal the Gem of Misfortune, a living stone that absorbs luck. She sold it for a sizable sum, but one nowhere near what’s needed and, what’s worse, she unknowingly kept a piece of the cursed stone. With bad luck at her side, she now departs on her greatest caper yet: to steal the Orb of the Abyss, an artifact protected by a powerful nation of spirit worshipers. Normally, the treasure would be impossible to steal, but over the next week a festival will be taking place on the island, and the guards will be busy policing the streets. Having such a rare opportunity, Sylphy finds it impossible to let the chance pass her by.

Sylphy and the Sleepless Island is a traditional RPG with dungeon-crawling elements. Taking the role of Sylphy, the player has to find their way to the end of the dungeon hiding the prized treasure. However, due to the festival lasting only a week, the player has to hurry. Time passes as Sylphy explores areas and takes part in special events, such as training to rise stats. To successfully steal the treasure, the player will have to plan far ahead.

The game features a traditional turn-based combat system. Sylphy can gain items and experience by facing monsters in the dungeon, but unlike in most RPGs, she won’t acquire new skills from simply leveling up. Instead, the player has to find mana crystals, which grant new powers when equipped. These abilities cost MP to use, but may also have applications outside of combat.

Due to her misfortune, Sylphy will end up in many erotic scenarios as the player progresses through the story, with much of the adult content being available through side-quests offered by the inhabitants of the island. Sylphy and the Sleepless Island features frequent themes of sexual abuse, with Sylphy suffering at the hands of humans and monsters alike.

Sylphy and the Sleepless Island is now available on Steam, and FAKKU for $19.99 and, as of publishing, is still on sale for the reduced price of $17.99 from Denpasoft and Kagura Games. Adult content for the Steam release has to be installed separately, using a free patch available on Kagura Games’ website.

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