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Dreadful Enchanted has released a demo of their slime girl-centric, erotic fantasy visual novel, Slippery Kiss, on

Slipper Kiss is a fantasy story following Noah (whose name can be changed), an academic researcher who was given some odd slime samples to study. These samples proved to be completely out of the ordinary, as they transformed from cute slime blobs into full-figured women made of slime. The only way the slimes can maintain this form, though, is by ingesting fluids. It’s easier for them to retain their human shape with more water in their system, but some slimes prefer to feed off of Noah’s fluids instead. Noah will have to continue his research at work and at home in order to fully understand what exactly these slime girls are.

The game's developer, Dreadful Enchanted, plans to release the game in bi-monthly chapters. Slippery Kiss is going to be a story focused visual novel, but will feature plenty of H-scenes. The demo currently features Noah preparing for a presentation he'll be giving to the academy committee the next day. While worrying about all the snooty committee members who don’t take him seriously, he falls asleep. In the depths of his sleep, he feels something amazing around his dick, only to awaken and find one of the slimes, Azalea, giving him a blowjob to help him relax.

Slippery Kiss is an erotic fantasy visual novel about dating slime girls!

This is a story based game, it has lots of h scenes but it is primarily story based.

Our current plans are to release the game in chapters bi-monthly(as in every two months) on Patreon!

In this short demo(about 5 mins) you get to spend some intimate time with Azalea after a long day.

You can play the demo for Slippery Kiss on If you enjoy the demo and want to keep up with the game’s progress, consider checking out Enchanted Blush Games' Patreon page.

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