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Journey through the afterlife in アリス☆メイド’s Metempsychosis, a yuri adventure RPG published by WASABI entertainment on Steam.

Metempsychosis is a fantasy RPG taking place in the afterlife. After her girlfriend leaked obscene photos of them having fun at a maid café, the game’s protagonist Alaina decided to kill herself. Soon after, she awoke in a classroom of the underworld. If she’s at peace, she can choose to remain here, but she could also try to return to the world of the living. To do so, she’ll have to reach the top of the Succubus Tower and sacrifice her memories in exchange for a new life.

A large portion of Metempsychosis is the dungeon crawling segment, during which Alaina attempts to gain a new chance at life. To reach the top, the player has to explore eight sprawling floors of the tower while battling its inhabitants: the perverse succubi. The turn-based combat features animated scenes and a clothing degradation system.

Aside from the tower itself, there are other stories to explore as well, such as Alaina’s work at the afterlife’s maid cafe, where she hopes to take revenge on local waitresses for what her girlfriend had done. Metempsychosis features 40 base images, 30 battle pose artworks, and twelve different quest types to discover, with an estimated eight hours of total play time.


There is a girl without a name in the library now.

Then, she looks at the word,

"reincarnation and rebirth."

Everyone considers more than one time

what will happen to them after they die…

This is a story about a girl

who was desperate for her life because her

embarrassing pictures were exposed to the office.

She plays an active role in the afterlife.

In the afterlife,

cute girls will seduce the main character!

Metempsychosis is now available on Steam for $14.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately as a patch available on the publisher’s website.

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