If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Dudebulge has released their first bara romance visual novel, Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t the Worst, on Itch.io.

In Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t the Worst, you play as Jim, a workaholic who is hopelessly in love with his boss, Oscar. Oscar seems like a perfect guy that is out of his reach: not only is he older than him, he even used to participate in strongman events when he was young. Unfortunately for Jim, he’s both straight and married. The two of them have worked together for years and Jim has kept his feelings bottled up for the sake of their friendship.

When the two of them go on a business trip together, the bonds of their friendship are finally pushed to their limit. To make matters worse, Jim's most hated holiday is coming: Valentine’s Day. What's supposed to be the most romantic day of the year is being spent with a man he could only dream of being together with. Though it seems he's fated for a day of misery, could something happen between them to make their trip better? The cards may be stacked against Jim, but he'll never know until he tries.

Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t the Worst is a visual novel that consists of art with meaty guy-on-guy loving. The title also features a card-matching game with furry bara art, wherein you match the clothed character card with its nude copy. There's no time limit and the game will keep track of how many moves you make.

Game Features:

- Original, engaging story and artwork

- Spicy card matching minigame

- 20,000 + words

- Complete game - no updates to worry about

- Male/male age-gap relationship

- Game available on PC, Mac, Linux & Android

You can buy Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t the Worst on Itch.io for $10.00.

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