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A young man searches for the meaning of life in Hyperreality - Lust of Munus, a sci-fi adventure game currently in development by Vole.

Hyperreality - Lust of Munus takes place in a strange, yet idyllic future, where humanity has attained the pinnacle of pleasure and comfort through the process of technological singularity. People now live on spaceships called the eggs, where everyone gets a private room and a virtual reality helmet. The helmets have unlimited potential when it comes to simulating life, allowing each person to effectively live as a god of their own little world.

The protagonist of Hyperreality - Lust of Munus is just an ordinary man enjoying his simulated fantasies, until one day, where he begins to question the validity of his lifestyle. As his helmet breaks due to a bug, he then begins questioning the concept of reality, unsure if he’s satisfied with his current form of living. Nonetheless, he simply fixes his helmet and decides to return to his perfect world at least one more time. Unexpectedly, the program bugs out again, transporting him to a world that doesn’t abide by his set rules. Moreover, something seems to be stopping him from leaving, trapping him in the virtual realm.

Hyperreality - Lust of Munus is currently being developed by a pair of developers working under the joint name, Vole. Their plan is to create a three-act story divided into three seasons, each consisting of multiple episodes. The game aims to tell a largely linear narrative, featuring optional side stories and some adult encounters, though these encounters won’t be the games’ main focus.

The latest build of the game features a brief introduction to the story in the form of the first episode. For now, the game is entirely linear, mainly offering dialogue presented in the fashion of a visual novel. The developers anticipate that this may hold true for the next few episodes as well, as they want to focus on worldbuilding. Players might expect to gain more agency in the game's future, as episodes start getting larger amounts of side content. New updates are planned to come out once every few months, due to the developers’ busy schedules. As both members of Vole are full-time employees, this gives them little time for actively working on the game.

The latest public build of Hyperreality - Lust of Munus is available on Itch.io and Vole’s Patreon, where you can also support the project.

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