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Take revenge on the demons who betrayed you and make Hell bow to you in Madmind Studio’s Succubus, now available on Steam.

The developers of Agony, Madmind Studios release their latest first person survival horror game, Succubus. Similarly to Agony, this game takes place in Hell, but instead of playing as one of the many lost souls, you are a succubus. After the true rulers of Hell disappeared, the demon Nimrod was recognized as the new king, as he was the only one capable of controlling the mind of the mighty Beast. His empire rose to power and with you — his queen — by his side, he had everyone in Hell submit to him.

You rejected the life of luxury and abandoned your title to life in the wilderness. There, you freely inflicted pain on everything and indulged in your primal instincts. When you meet the powerful demon Baphomet and his army, you are captured and maimed. They intend to take Nimrod’s soul. Feeling betrayed by your own species, you sought revenge against them, vowing to tear apart any wandering soul or demon that stood in your way.

Survive the flaming landscape of Hell. Murder and seduce your way to domination. Kill creatures to gain experience to unlock merciless skills and new powers. There are a variety of weapons to tear down your enemies with such as bone swords and clubs, but you can also use your own claws. You can fully customize your succubus’ appearance and her cave — change her horns, hair, skin tone, face, and body however you want.

SUCCUBUS - main features:

• Intense and brutal action using 40 different weapons and 20 special powers

• Diversified opponents

• World Map

• Character Customization

• Main Hub with customization option

• Rank Arenas with Online Leaderboards

• A system of weapons and armor that affect a player's statistics

• A rich and diverse world of Hell

• A multi-story plot combining horror with action and survival

• A hostile environment full of traps and enemies

• Surreal visual setting and gore

• Boss fights

You can buy Succubus on sale for $22.49 on Steam. After October 12th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $24.99. The free DLC, Succubus - Unrated, is also available. The DLC unlocks the adult scenes, nudity, sex minigames, and healing minigames.

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