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Comedy Visual Novel Would You Like to Run an Idol Café? 2 Now Available on Steam

Revitalize a café by creating an idol group in StarlightTree Games' Would you like to run an idol café? 2, a comedy visual novel published by Winged Cloud on Steam.

Would you like to run an idol café? 2 is a comedy visual novel following the efforts of a young man named Yokoyama Naoya. In the past, Naoya used to be a delinquent and wasted much of his time getting into fights. He grew out of his rebellious phase eventually, but missed his chance at going to the university. Unable to continue his education, he reached out to his childhood friend Ichigo and ended up getting a job at the local café instead.

Called The Seaside Café, the quaint location has helped Naoya straighten himself out, giving him the opportunity to rebuild his work ethic and, thanks to its friendly staff, provide him with a place where he felt welcome. Trouble comes when Naoya discovers that the café is going into red. Fearing its potential closure, he consults Ichigo, and together they come up with an idea to create an idol group to help advertise the café.

Soon after, they form a new group called Sweet Shoreline, composed of the the Seaside Café’s staff, including the serious but shy Mayuki and the emotionless Kuu. As the girls have no prior experience singing and dancing, a lot of hard work awaits them. To make matters worse, the town’s local idol group Honey Devil soon decides to treat Sweet Shoreline as their rivals and attempts to undermine their efforts. It’s now up to Naoya and the girls to try and save the Seaside Café.

Suzuki Ichigo is Naoya's childhood friend. She's a cheerful, bubbly girl with no shortage of energy. She's almost perpetually optimistic, but she has a bad habit of pushing herself. She has a tendency to take on more work than she should, and Naoya often worries that she'll burn herself out.

Ichigo acts as the leader of Sweet Shoreline. She adores idols herself, being a huge fan of Hoshizora Shiori, and works tirelessly on polishing her singing and dancing.

Shinonome Mayuki is a serious girl Naoya first met when he began to work at The Seaside Café. Though he and Mayuki got off to a rocky beginning, after he accidentally tripped her on his first shift, Mayuki soon softens towards him.

Mayuki might act uppity and aloof, but this is largely a veneer to hide her own lack of self-confidence. She's a shy girl who worries how others will perceive her, and while undoubtedly gifted at academics, she's lacking when it comes to common sense.

Yamashiro Kuina, known to her friends as Kuu, works as a waitress at The Seaside Café. She rarely speaks or smiles, but she isn't shy: she's prone, instead, to getting lost in her own world.

Kuu is a close friend of Mayuki's, and the pair have known one another since preschool. Mayuki might be Kuu's only friend, in fact, for the other waitresses at The Seaside Café tend to keep their distance.

Kuu has a vested interest in fortune-telling, but the fortunes she often tells are steeped in mundane misery. She talks about macabre subjects often, has truly bizarre tastes in 'music', and when she does speak, it's to utter unnerving portents about the future which make Naoya shudder.

Enoshima Rina is an elegant, demure young lady who works as a waitress at Café Pleiades. She forms one half of the popular idol unit Honey Devil, alongside her friend Hasaki.

Rina's mannerisms are unfailingly polite, yet behind her demure smile there lurks something unsettlingly sadistic. She seems to have taken quite a liking to Naoya, and keeps trying to pursue him, much to Naoya's unease.

Ebihara Hasaki is a gothic girl who fancies herself as 'the dark one', and a servant of 'The Dark Lord'. Like Rina, she works as a waitress at Café Pleiades, and makes up the second member of the idol duo Honey Devil.

Hasaki is an attractive girl, as far as appearances go, but her personality leaves much to be desired. She talks like she inhabits a different reality to everybody else, and perhaps she does. Trying to understand her ramblings is a hassle liable to induce headaches, and the best way to deal with her would be to ignore her.

Would you like to run an idol café? 2 is now available for PC and Linux on Steam for $9.99. Adult content has to be installed separately using a patch available on Winged Clouds’ Patreon.

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