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Along with her trusted companions, Princess Lilina must gather the six legendary orbs or else the royal family will be overthrown in Vhiel’s Odyssey of Gianna, now available on DLsite.

The Odyssey of Gianna is a fantasy RPG Maker game set in the wealthy city-state of Gianna during 1,200 AG. It has been ruled by both a Queen and a Parliament for many years. While this method initially worked, after some time, the two began to spite each other. To put an end to this quarrel, a deal was struck. Sending the Queen’s little sister, Lilina, to find six legendary orbs and bring them to Gianna. With these orbs being a source of good fortune and power, if Lilina succeeds in her quest, Gianna will prosper and become the greatest empire in the world. Conversely, if she fails, Queen Trinity Markos will have to abdicate her throne and let Parliament take over.

The main attraction of the game is the different status conditions the game offers. Status conditions can change your characters’ appearances, stats, and actions in battle. There are over a hundred enemy types and more than fifty status conditions that they can inflict. None of these conditions are completely negative. In some situations, you will need a character with a certain status condition to proceed in certain areas. If there is a small hole in the wall, a character with the minimized status condition will be able to pass through it. Additionally, there are items and spells that can cause status conditions. Spells will have a temporary effect, while accessories with status conditions can be removed when need be.

When it comes to fighting, battles are turn-based and the character with the highest agility goes first. After you level up a character, she will receive job points — which, are used to unlock skills such as combat moves, status effect spells, and passive abilities. You start the game with three party members, but you will be able to recruit five people into your party. The maximum number of playable characters for each fight is four, so one girl will have to sit some battles out. Mix and match your roster and create different combinations to suit how you want to play.

The bad ends can be accessed by surrendering in battle. After surrendering, you will get an H- scene, “bad end'' will appear on your screen, and your party will be teleported back to Gianna castle. All of your health, moves, and items will be reset to what they were before, as if the battle had never taken place.

You can purchase Odyssey of Gianna on DLsite for ¥880, which is approximately $7.91 USD. There is also a demo available if you want to try the game out. As it's from DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese, or else the game might not function properly. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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