Lick twice for service

Prove yourself in the eyes of frisky music stars in SpunkStock, an erotic rhythm game currently in development by Regulus.

SpunkStock is a rhythm game following the adventures of a cunning young man who decided to sneak into the backstage of the world’s biggest music festival. Due to the vastly higher earnings of female musicians, male bands rarely get the promotion necessary to partake in the festival themselves. As a result, the protagonist’s only chance of ever seeing backstage for themselves seemed to be through a little lockpicking.

Once inside, the protagonist finds tents of various other musicians, as well as yet another gate, this time with no padlock in place. In order to get any deeper into the festival, he’ll have to get help from the girls resting in the area, though they might have some lust-fueled demands for him to fulfill first.

At the moment, there are seven rhythm levels in SpunkStock, each with an animated, intimate scene in the background. Before a level starts, the player has to pick a few modifiers, which can make the game easier or harder, either helping to clear the level or increasing your score in exchange for an additional challenge.

As the player progresses through the level by pressing a button to the rhythm, the modifiers will slowly activate one by one. Some modifiers may change the song's tempo or scoring rules, while others add new mechanics, such as notes to be avoided or a separate track to manage.

Points gained for clearing SpunkStock's levels can be used to purchase upgrades and unlock additional artwork. Perfect and near-perfect results reward the player with unique coins, which grant access to bonus scenarios and extra features, such as alternate clothing for the shopkeeper.

The final challenge for the game's current build is a platforming level set beneath the stage, which the player has to navigate with guidance from one of the heroines. While not as much of a rhythm-centered challenge, traps in this level are still very much in-sync with the music.

SpunkStock is being developed by Regulus with help from the character designer AmHidden and the composer Wishful Simping. The game is receiving regular updates, focused mainly on introducing new heroines, with the latest version introducing an improved version of the shop tent, making its owner Mai more eager for action.

The latest public build of SpunkStock is available on If you’d like to keep track of the development process or support the project, you can do so on Regulus’ Patreon. Supporters who donate $2.77 (estimated from $3.50 CA) will gain access to the latest build of the game.

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