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Find out secrets of the school and spend time with your hot teacher in the point and click visual novel, Is It Wrong That I Have a Thing For My Teacher?

In Is It Wrong That I Have a Thing For My Teacher?, you play as a student who was caught cheating on an exam. As punishment, you are forced to stay after school to retake the exam with your homeroom teacher Ms. Sato, a tall and well-endowed woman, who happens to be strict with her students and won’t tolerate tardiness or delinquents. You end up struggling with retaking the exam, so you decide to just cheat again. After managing to get Ms. Sato’s attention diverted, you find something more enlightening than exam answers.

Gameplay, for the most part, consists of pointing and clicking for different actions. You can click on your desk to start the test, click Ms. Sato to talk to her, and click on the door to go to a different area. To unlock different areas, you need to progress through the game, with much of the public build being linear. You will be forced to do the point-and-click sections in a certain order, while visual novel segments provide more variety.

Currently, there are over forty animated sex CGs. In the full version of the game, there will be more choices, endings, and side stories. More characters and a dating sim mechanic is also planned.


The alluring homeroom teacher that every male student has their eye on. No one ever misses her class and it's clear to know why. She's stern, serious, strict, and has a low tolerance for BS. Your goal of this game is to turn this super serious woman into your sexual plaything.


The mysterious principal of the school, Mrs. Yoshino. Married and lovely and you know her husband is the happiest man on earth but there's a peculiar aura about her. Continue looking throughout the school to answer any questions you may have.

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