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Our titular heroine transforms into a magical girl to fight against an evil organization in Magical Girl Noble Rose, now available on Steam.

No Future, developers of Psychic Guardian Super Splendor, has published their recent RPG, Magical Girl Noble Rose, through WASABI ENTERTAINMENT. The story follows Maika Saotome, who becomes a magical girl when her peaceful city is threatened by the organization Evil Arc. When Maika uses her wand, she transforms into Noble Rose, giving her the power to fight back against Evil Arc. Unfortunately, Noble Rose can’t lose her wand or else the enemies could capture her and drain her powers. Once drained, she reverts back to her normal form.

Noble Rose has to defeat Kucanda, the head of Evil Arc, but four demonic generals stand in her way. Additionally, there happens to be another magical girl acting in accordance to her own agenda. Who is she and whose side is she on? Either way, if Noble Rose isn’t victorious, she’ll lose her beloved city and those she cares for.

The game has turn-based combat. You can use special attacks to wipe out enemies and earn crystals from enemies. These crystals can be used to craft accessories that can boost your abilities and give you unique buffs. The enemies will try to suck out your MP to weaken you and reduce your HP to zero to knock you out. If there are any battles you want to re-experience, there is a battle rematch feature available.

☆ Game Features ☆

This game is an RPG with a classic storyline that features Noble Rose,

a girl who transforms into a magical girl to fight an evil organization.

Use special attacks to wipe out the enemies and help the women in the city from the Bio Soldiers!

Make accessories using the magical crystals the enemies will drop to fortify your abilities!

● During combat ●

Most enemies will launch extreme attacks on you during the combats.

● The trampling that will happen ●

If your HP becomes zero during combat, you will be knocked out cold.

The enemies aim to suck the MP out of the magical girls.

Magical Girl Noble Rose can be found for purchase on Steam for $19.99. Should you wish to add the naughty bits back into the game, the 18+ patch can be found on WASABI ENTERTAINMENT’s site.

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