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Paper Waifu's erotic visual novel, Ramen no Oujisama, has just received a free public build on Itch.io.

The last time we wrote an article about Ramen no Oujisama, also known as The Ramen Prince, was in 2017 when Paper Waifu started a Kickstarter for the game. After four years, Paper Waifu has still been working on; on September 6th, Paper Waifu made a post on Itch.io where they decided to turn the demo of Ramen no Oujisama into a free version of the game, which based on earlier builds of the game. The free public build will be updated simultaneously with the game's main build on Patreon, which is several versions ahead of the public build.

The game follows Kira Maeda (whose full name can be changed), a young man trying to get a job at any ramen shop he can. Ramen has been his life for as long as he can remember and his parents even used to own a popular izakaya before they retired. When Kira became an adult, he planned to skip college and find a job at another ramen shop. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any work. If his search in the city were to fail, then he would have to move in with his parents to the countryside.

One day, Kira receives a letter from the Yanegawa & Kato law firm, stating that they have an offer for him. The circumstances seem shady to him, but he nonetheless goes to the law office anyway. To his surprise, he meets Mr. Komatsu, an old customer from his parents’ izakaya. He was well-acquainted with Kira’s mom and dad and was planning on giving them a career opportunity, but didn’t know they retired and moved away. Mr. Komatsu offers Kira one of his villas to live in and a restaurant for him to manage; if Kira does a good job, he'll be the official owner of his very own Ramen restaurant. As he starts his new shop, he meets some passionate girls who can help him with his aspirations. Can Kira make his small ramen shop a success and get with the girl of his dreams?


- All 10 character routes are unlockable and playable fully until the end

- An 11th character route is available (a WIP currently in this version of the game) as a game secret.

- If you're a patron, you can access the secret codes specific to this game in this build

- Expanded save slots

- New multi-scene Omake Scenario starring the game's starlet.

- The full gallery available in this version.

- Partial implementation of the V3 sprites

- Partial implementation of The Genius Chef's V3 routes and special scenes.

- New MC male/female animated sprites

- Genderbender implementation in relation to the new V3 special scenes

- Audio update and many bug fixes relating to this.

You can play the public build for Ramen no Oujisama on Itch.io. If you enjoy the game, you can help fund its development on Paper Waifu’s Patreon page.

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