Now supporting one handed controls

Try to reach the end of your dungeon while being pursued by your own aroused servants in Dungeon Coup, an arcade-style game now available on Steam.

Dungeon Coup is an arcade-style game developed by Mr. Z Games, centered around a friendly wager between a dungeon master and their minions. As part of the challenge, the protagonist is tasked with running through nine levels of their domain to reach the throne room. To make things more challenging, they’ve been bound and their minions are allowed to have sex with them if they can catch them.

As the player, you'll have to move through the dungeon while avoiding other characters and traps. The dungeon itself will be a bit tricky to navigate; between the tank controls, dead ends, and locked doors, your minions will have a bevy of opportunities to get their hands on you. To protect yourself, you’ll have to grab every power-up you can come across and make good use of your stamina, which is needed to sprint, roll, and - should you fail to avoid one of the servants - get out of a grapple.

Dungeon Coup features a large amount of customization. The player has access to a selection of different playable characters, including men, women, femboys, and futanari. The game allows you to choose the length of the dungeon, whether any sexual encounters will make use of more dominant or submissive positions, what gender your opponents will be, whether some rooms will be trapped, and so on. In total, the player can expect challenges taking place in ten different themed levels, featuring a total of forty-six different enemies.

Game Features

• Play through 10 different themed levels, and meet up to 46 different enemies!

• Customize the erotic content: You will only see the content you choose! (including many options like hetero, lesbian (yuri), gay (yaoi), futanari, pegging, etc.

• Play with female, male, femboy or futanari characters!

• Over 90 different 3D real time, animated sex positions!

• Dominate, Resist or Escape from your opponents charms!

• Create and customize your own characters with over 300 clothing pieces!

• Additional options for content like: Clothed sex, Neko mode, Ahegao, Enemies putting restraints on you, dirty talk, sex-type themed floors, etc.

• Includes a Story mode (with romances) and an Arcade mode with level selection.

• And much more!

Fetishes & practices featured

Mild BDSM, Domination, Submission, Female Domination (FemDom), Male Domination (MaleDom), Futanari (Futa), Pegging / Futa on Male Strap-on on Female Strap-on on Male, Titjob, titfuck, Footjob, feet play, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Spanking, Facesitting, Breast Smother / Ass Smother, Clothed Sex, Interracial, Vanilla, Latex, Pantyhose, Muscular man, Neko, Bunny Suit, Glasses, Catsuits, Uniform, Lingerie, Stockings, Cosplay, Leotard …

Dungeon Coup is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $8.49 until October 4th, at which point it will cost $9.99. The game is also available on for $10. A demo of the game can also be downloaded from the store page.

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