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Crowd’s X-Change, a gender-bender eroge series about a young man transforming into a girl through lab accidents has been remastered and released on JAST USA.

We previously wrote an article about X-Change being part of JAST USA’s Classics Remastered series, with the games chosen being released as complete collections. The graphics and music would be remastered, while the games would be made compatible with modern computers. The first in the line up was Do You Like Horny Bunnies?. Now, the X-Change trilogy has received a remaster.

X-Change is an eroge series where our hero Takuya Aihara gets transformed into a girl. Whether he is used as the chemistry club’s guinea pig, tricked into drinking a potion by one of his horny classmates, or spills some questionable chemicals, he just can’t seem to escape becoming a female. While Takuya becomes more popular among the boys and girls in his feminine form, it might be a problem for the one girl that truly matters, his girlfriend Asuka. Even though she loves Takuya dearly, she isn’t into girls. In every game, Takuya will need to get used to his new female body, while figuring out how to change back to his male body.

X-Change - Complete Collection contains X-Change, X-Change 2, and X-Change 3. Additionally, it will include new content from X-Change R, the updated remake of the first game. It contains a new route, new characters, and voice acting. There is also new high-definition music, but you can always switch it out for the classic music from the original.

You can buy X-Change - Complete Collection on JAST USA for $19.99. A physical copy of the game is also available for purchase on J-List for $59.99. The physical version comes with the game on DVD-ROMs, a poster, and a game download code.

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